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Notcoin to Omani Rial Converter and calculator

Convert 1Notcoin (NOT) to Omani Rial (OMR) equals ر.ع. 0.006064 | Bitget
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Bitget converter offers real-time exchange rates, allowing for easy conversion of Notcoin(NOT) to Omani Rial(OMR). This is the real-time data. The current conversion shows 1 NOT at a value of 1 NOT for 0.01 OMR . Since crypto prices can change rapidly, we suggest checking back for the latest conversion result.

OMR information

About Omani Rial (OMR)

The Omani Rial (OMR), introduced in 1973, is not only Oman's official currency but also a symbol of the nation's economic strength and cultural heritage. It is commonly abbreviated as OMR and represented by the symbol ر.ع. The Rial's introduction marked Oman's transition from the Indian Rupee and the Maria Theresa Thaler, symbolizing a new era of economic self-determination and modernization under Sultan Qaboos bin Said.

Historical Background

The adoption of the Omani Rial was a key step in Oman's post-colonial journey, reflecting the nation's aspiration to forge an independent economic identity. Replacing the Gulf Rupee, the Rial represented Oman's newfound economic independence and was instrumental in aligning its economy with international standards.

Design and Symbolism

The design of the Omani Rial is a celebration of Oman’s rich history and cultural heritage. Banknotes feature images of Sultan Qaboos, traditional Omani architecture, natural landmarks, and historical sites. These designs serve not only as a medium for financial transactions but also as reminders of Oman's heritage and the modern achievements under Sultan Qaboos’s reign.

Economic Role

The Omani Rial plays a crucial role in the nation’s economy, characterized by its substantial oil and gas reserves. As the primary currency, it underpins the oil sector, which is pivotal to Oman's economy, facilitating trade and investment and is vital for the country’s fiscal stability.

Monetary Policy and Stability

Managed by the Central Bank of Oman, the Rial is one of the highest-valued currencies in the world, reflecting Oman's economic stability and substantial hydrocarbon resources. The bank’s policies focus on maintaining the currency's value and stability, crucial for fostering a climate conducive to economic growth and investor confidence.

International Trade and the Omani Rial

The value of the Rial is significant in international trade, particularly for Oman's oil and gas exports. A stable and strong Rial is essential for maintaining competitive prices in the global market and attracting foreign investment in various sectors.

Remittances and the Economy

Remittances from Omanis working abroad and expatriates residing in Oman contribute to the country’s foreign exchange reserves. These inflows, exchanged into Rials, support the currency's stability and contribute to the national economy.

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Bitget crypto-to-fiat exchange data shows that the most popular Notcoin currency pair is the NOT to OMR, with for Notcoin's currency code being NOT. Use our cryptocurrency calculator now to see how much your cryptocurrency can be exchanged for OMR.

NOT to OMR conversion rate trend

In the past 1D, Notcoin has changed -16.71% to OMR. Based on the trend and price charts, Notcoin(NOT) has changed -16.71% to OMR while Omani Rial(OMR) has changed % to NOT in the last 24 hours.

Conversion rate comparison of various exchanges

ExchangePriceMaker / Taker FeeTradable
0.0002% / 0.0003%vip-iconVIP
0.1000% / 0.1000%
0.080% / 0.100%
0.1000% / 0.1000%
0.1000% / 0.1000%
0.1000% / 0.1000%
0.1000% / 0.1000%
Last updated 2024/06/18 03:00:17(UTC+0)

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Buy NOT (or USDT) for OMR (Omani Rial) offers

Bitget P2P trading does not currently support direct buying of NOT with OMR. However, you can buy USDT in Bitget P2P trading first, and then buy NOT with USDT via Bitget spot market.
Merchants (trades/completion rate)PriceAmount/limit
Low to high
Payment methods
Zero fees
Abo laian Verified Merchant
59 tradesCompletion rate 89.00%
0.41 OMR
Amount500.46 USDT
Limit3.9 - 205 OMR
Bank MuscatBank DhofarAirtime Mobile Top-Up
Al-Jadeed0001Verified Merchant
36 tradesCompletion rate 88.00%
0.43 OMR
Amount479.98 USDT
Limit3.9 - 70 OMR
Bank TransferBank Muscat
Noman_5240Verified Merchant
84 tradesCompletion rate 94.00%
0.496 OMR
Amount11280 USDT
Limit3.9 - 5000 OMR
Bank TransferBank MuscatBank DhofarAirtime Mobile Top-Up
Azeem khan5683Verified Merchant
119 tradesCompletion rate 94.00%
0.497 OMR
Amount1038.21 USDT
Limit3.9 - 515 OMR
Bank TransferBank Muscat
no allow 3rd party Verified Merchant
101 tradesCompletion rate 92.00%
0.498 OMR
Amount17770.17 USDT
Limit3.9 - 6500 OMR
Bank TransferBank MuscatAirtime Mobile Top-Up

Sell NOT (or USDT) for OMR (Omani Rial) offers

Bitget P2P trading currently does not support direct selling of NOT to OMR. However, you can first exchange NOT for USDT in the Bitget spot market, and then sell USDT to OMR in Bitget P2P trading.
Merchants (trades/completion rate)PriceAmount/limit
High to low
Payment methods
Zero fees
Blueworld ExchangeVerified Merchant
11 tradesCompletion rate 92.00%
0.39 OMR
Amount700 USDT
Limit3.9 - 270 OMR
National Bank of Oman
DS tradingVerified Merchant
8 tradesCompletion rate 89.00%
0.388 OMR
Amount1703.3 USDT
Limit100 - 250 OMR
Bank Muscat
Khizar Jamal JamaliVerified Merchant
45 tradesCompletion rate 94.00%
0.388 OMR
Amount14299.79 USDT
Limit50 - 2500 OMR
Bank TransferBank MuscatNational Bank of OmanBank DhofarAirtime Mobile Top-Up
Ahmed_2024Verified Merchant
19 tradesCompletion rate 100.00%
0.387 OMR
Amount18961.37 USDT
Limit20 - 1500 OMR
Bank TransferBank MuscatAirtime Mobile Top-Up
Imran6614Verified Merchant
21 tradesCompletion rate 70.00%
0.385 OMR
Amount1800 USDT
Limit30 - 600 OMR
Airtime Mobile Top-Up

What factors influence the conversion rate of Notcoin to Omani Rial?

Notcoin to Omani Rial is falling this week.
Notcoin's current market price is ر.ع. 0.006064 per NOT, with a total market cap of ر.ع. 622,798,428.86 OMR based on a circulating supply of 102,701,030,000 NOT. The trading volume of Notcoin has changed by +39.13% (ر.ع. 100,751,855.97 OMR) in the last 24 hours. Last trading day, NOT's trading volume was ر.ع. 257,466,666.6.
Market cap
24h volume
Circulating supply
102.70B NOT

Conversion tables

The exchange rate of Notcoin is increasing.
1 NOT is currently valued at ر.ع. 0.006064 OMR , which means buying 5 NOT will cost ر.ع. 0.03032 OMR . Similarly, ر.ع.1 OMR can be traded for 164.9 NOT, and ر.ع.50 OMR can be converted to 8,245.13 NOT, excluding any platform or gas fees.
The exchange rate of 1 NOT to Omani Rial has changed by -4.99% in the last 7 days. In the last 24 hours, the rate has fluctuated by -16.71%, reaching a high of 0.007172 OMR and a low of 0.005776 OMR . One month ago, the value of 1 NOT was ر.ع. 0.002571 OMR , which represents a +137.99% change from its current value. Over the last year, Notcoin has changed by
, resulting in a change of --% in its value.


03:17 am today
0.5 NOT
10 NOT
50 NOT
100 NOT
500 NOT
1000 NOT


Amount03:17 am today
0.5OMR82.45  NOT
1OMR164.9  NOT
5OMR824.51  NOT
10OMR1,649.03  NOT
50OMR8,245.13  NOT
100OMR16,490.25  NOT
500OMR82,451.27  NOT
1000OMR164,902.54  NOT
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Today vs. 24 hours ago

Amount03:17 am today24 hours ago24h change
0.5 NOT$0.007878$0.009447
1 NOT$0.01576$0.01889
5 NOT$0.07878$0.09447
10 NOT$0.1576$0.1889
50 NOT$0.7878$0.9447
100 NOT$1.58$1.89
500 NOT$7.88$9.45
1000 NOT$15.76$18.89

Today vs. 1 month ago

Amount03:17 am today1 month ago1M change
0.5 NOT$0.007878$0.003340
1 NOT$0.01576$0.006681
5 NOT$0.07878$0.03340
10 NOT$0.1576$0.06681
50 NOT$0.7878$0.3340
100 NOT$1.58$0.6681
500 NOT$7.88$3.34
1000 NOT$15.76$6.68
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Today vs. 1 year ago

Amount03:17 am today1 year ago1Y change
0.5 NOT$0.007878$0.{4}5244
1 NOT$0.01576$0.0001049
5 NOT$0.07878$0.0005244
10 NOT$0.1576$0.001049
50 NOT$0.7878$0.005244
100 NOT$1.58$0.01049
500 NOT$7.88$0.05244
1000 NOT$15.76$0.1049

Notcoin price prediction

What will the price of NOT be in 2025?

Based on NOT's historical price performance prediction model, the price of NOT is projected to reach -- in 2025.

What will the price of NOT be in 2030?

In 2030, the NOT price is expected to rise by -17.00%. By the end of 2030, the NOT price is projected to reach --, with a cumulative ROI of 0.00%.
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What is a cryptocurrency calculator?
A cryptocurrency calculator enables users to convert various digital currencies into different world currencies according to the current exchange rate.
How does a cryptocurrency calculator work?
A cryptocurrency calculator fetches real-time values from digital currency exchange markets to convert between Notcoin and OMR.
How accurate is a cryptocurrency calculator?
Cryptocurrency calculators are generally highly accurate as they track real-time data from cryptocurrency markets, such as Notcoin and OMR. However, due to the high volatility of the cryptocurrency market, rates can fluctuate rapidly.
Can I trust the results of a cryptocurrency calculator?
While cryptocurrency calculators can provide a good starting point, remember that there might be slight differences in real-time trading due to factors such as time delay and trading platform discrepancies.
Can I use a cryptocurrency calculator for tax purposes?
Cryptocurrency calculators are useful for tax information, like coin values at given times. However, it's better to use tax-specific software or a professional for accurate reporting. Bitget Academy is a useful guide for cryptocurrency taxes, covering tax procedures, crypto transactions, effective planning, and different tax tools. Bitget prioritizes user experience, especially in optimizing tax management. With Advanced API and collaborations like Koinly, Bitget provides a smart, accessible platform for cryptocurrency trade and tax responsibilities.
Can a cryptocurrency calculator be used to convert one type of cryptocurrency to another?
If you want to know the value of Notcoin in OMR, cryptocurrency calculators can help you. But if you want to compare the worth of two different cryptocurrencies, you can use Bitget Convert. This tool simplifies the process of cryptocurrency conversion by allowing you to avoid multiple transactions or frequent transfers between wallets and exchanges. With Bitget Convert, you can seamlessly convert your cryptocurrencies in a user-friendly way.

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