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Bitget TraderPro program


Season 2: Mainstream coin challenge

Bitget TraderPro program

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Phase 1

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TraderPro Trader

Account balance (USDT)0Up to 0
Max marginxx
Trading pairsOnly BTC and ETHAll trading pairs
Minimum trading days
Account ROl ≥ 0%
Reach a daily ROI of 0% for at least days
Minimum orders in total
Trade with funds we provide and earn more! Receive at least 60% rebate on profits that exceed the initial funds, plus a minimum of 10% profit share from your copier’s earnings.

Evaluation process

Bitget TraderPro program

What our TraderPro traders have said

I used to believe that funding for crypto was out of reach until I discovered the TraderPro program, which sparked hope within me. It's undoubtedly one of the best programs Bitget has released. For me, it has been a nice surprise to be selected to receive an account. My message for future contestants is not to get discouraged, as the next winner could be you.
From my experience so far, I foresee a bright future for TraderPro. This program will be one of the best opportunities for crypto traders. I mean, everything is timely with great support for fund distribution, clear challenge explanations, smooth withdrawals, leverage, and a straightforward process. Everything is very valid. The process of passing the challenge and qualifying for the funded account is very smooth. This showcases Bitget's dedication and involvement in this program. I hope many others get the chance to experience TraderPro and be part of Bitget's special program for traders. Being part of this program and Bitget, I hope for even greater success and opportunities for both myself and others. 🤝🤝🫂🫂
The Bitget TraderPro program was a surprise New Year's gift for me. With trading being a game of numbers, the capital boost was monumental. Being among the top 50 candidates and receiving funds to trade, along with weekly profit shares, as well as being suggested for copy trading, has been a game-changer for my trading journey. I'm thankful to Bitget for giving me this opportunity. I’m the most grateful to God, as He alone deserves all glory.
The TraderPro program is a great opportunity for those unable to invest as they can try and win an elite account without investing in the TraderPro program.
Naveed Sherazi
To me, the Bitget TraderPro program is a valuable chance for me to hone my skills. Becoming a TraderPro elite trader is undoubtedly a recognition of my trading performance and my dedication. But more importantly, it has opened my eyes to the vast opportunities in the trading market. I take investment seriously, and I'm committed to using this honor to inspire others with my passion and expertise. I hope to maintain my Bitget elite trader status, attract more copiers, share my expertise with those who need guidance, and achieve profits together for mutual success.
Allastair Reid-Miguel
I want to express my gratitude to Bitget for this rare opportunity. It's an honor to be recognized as a Bitget TraderPro elite trader, and I am absolutely thrilled about it. As a newcomer to the industry, I feel incredibly lucky. I couldn't contain my joy and excitement when I received this recognition. Apart from the honor, I've achieved financial success through this program, which I believe is the primary goal for many participants. It's our desire for financial success that drives us to join this program. Along with regular weekly profits from elite trading, I've also gained many copiers, meaning I'll receive a share of their profits. The TraderPro program won't let us down, so don't miss out on the second season!
Karan Kaushal