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Custodial sub-account user manual

1. Introduction

This manual elaborates on the operational processes of custodial sub-accounts from the perspectives of both investors and trading teams. Its purpose is to assist users in better understanding and utilizing the features of custodial sub-accounts. The investor is the creator and owner of the custodial sub-account and is responsible for the allocation of funds in the sub-account. The delegated trader, on the other hand, is the professional who actually executes the trades and is responsible for implementing the investment strategy and meeting trading objectives. The partnership build on custodial sub-accounts helps both parties benefit from effective fund management and smart trading behavior, realizing higher returns under the premise of fund security and mutual trust.

2. For investors

Creating a custodial sub-account

Navigate to Sub-account > New sub-account, select create a "custodial trading sub-account". Fill in the sub-account name, notes, and complete the multi-factor security authentication.

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Delegating a custodial sub-account

Custodial sub-accounts, once created, will be displayed in the sub-account list. Each user is allowed to create up to 10 sub-accounts. To create more, please contact Bitget customer service.

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To delegate your sub-account to a delegated trader, you need to fill in their user ID, upload the Delegation Agreement, and read and agree to the Custodial Sub-Account Rules and Custodial Sub-Account Terms of Use . The relationship is established upon approval by the delegated trader.

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Canceling a delegation

You can cancel the delegation request or cancel the delegation for a custodial sub-account. 1. It is recommended to notify the delegated trader prior to the termination of delegation in order to avoid asset losses due to trading interruptions.

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Transferring funds to sub-accounts

You may transfer funds to custodial sub-accounts through the master/sub-account transfer feature under Asset Transfer, enabling the delegated trader to execute trading strategies.

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3. For delegated traders

Applying to be a delegated trader

If your hold more than 50,000 USDT in your Bitget account or you are VIP-2 level or higher, you can apply for delegated trader status at any time. Navigate to the Custodial Sub-Account page, click Apply Now and fill in your email address, phone number, or Telegram account, and you will be notified of the results within 1-3 working days.

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Reviewing delegation requests

After becoming a delegated trader, you can review pending delegation request list through the delegated request list on the sub-account page.

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You may choose to accept or decline an investor's delegation request after downloading and reviewing the Delegation Agreement. After acceptance, the relevant custodial sub-account will be displayed in your client account list, establishing the delegation relationship and granting trading access to this custodial sub-account.

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Managing a custodial sub-account

Upon approval of a request, the investor's custodial sub-account will be displayed in your client account list. You can filter the list by account name and status, as well as by delegated time or funds.

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Creating an API key

Click on API Management in the sub-account list, or navigate to the API Keys page directly to create an API key for a specific custodial sub-account. In addition, you can learn more about placing spot/futures trading orders using API through the API documentation .

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