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Custodial sub-account rules

What is a custodial sub-account?

It is a type of sub-account designed to meet investors' asset management needs by allowing users to entrust their funds to a professional delegated trader.

Investors can entrust their custodial sub-accounts to professional delegated traders to profit from their professional trading services. The delegated trader can trade from the custodial sub-accounts while maintaining the privacy of their trading strategies. The trading volume generated from the custodial sub-accounts will be credited to the delegated trader's account to increase their VIP level and allow them to enjoy better fee rates.

The advantages of custodial sub-accounts

For investors

1. You can create multiple custodial sub-accounts with flexible asset allocation and entrust them to different delegated traders.

2. You can secure a more steady profit from the trading strategies of delegated traders.

3. You can reduce the transaction fee of custodial sub-accounts and enjoy better fee rates.

4. You have control over the permissions for deposit, withdrawal, unbinding, and freezing of the accounts.

For delegated traders

1. Flexible and effective fund management through multiple custodial sub-accounts.

2. The trading volume during the custodian period will be credited to the delegated trader's account to upgrade its VIP level for better benefits.

3. The transaction records of custodial sub-accounts are invisible to investors, thus protecting the privacy of their trading strategies.

What can and cannot be done with custodial sub-accounts:

For investors

For delegated traders

Create up to 10 custodial sub-accounts.

Create API keys for tax reporting or fund transfer.

Have access to account assets.

No access to API trading.

Make inbound/outbound transfers or freeze the account.

Log in unbound custodial sub-accounts.

Enjoy the same VIP level and fee rate as the delegated trader.

Cancel a delegation at any time. The delegation will be automatically canceled if not confirmed by the delegated trader within seven days.

Accept up to 20 custodian sub-accounts.

Create API keys for futures orders, futures positions, spot trading, and fund transfers.

Access to account assets, orders, and transaction history.

Access to API trading.

Inbound/outbound transfers are not supported.

Logging in to the custodial sub-accounts is not supported.

Share the same VIP levels and fee rates as the investor. Trading volume will be credited to the delegated trader's account to upgrade VIP levels and enjoy better rates.

Custodial sub-account user manual

Custodial sub-account FAQs

Are there any fees for creating and maintaining a custodial sub-account?

No. There are no fees associated with creating and maintaining a custodial sub-account.

Is there a minimum balance requirement for a custodial sub-account?

No. The platform does not require a minimum account balance.

Are there any fees for the delegated trader to manage assets through the investor's custodial sub-account?

No. The delegated trader does not need to pay any fees.

Are there any identity verification requirements to create a custodial sub-account?

Yes. Identity verification is required to create a custodial sub-account.

What do I need to know about canceling the delegation of a custodial sub-account?

There is a waiting period of seven days for the custodial sub-account delegation to be confirmed after initiated by an investor. During the waiting period, the investor can voluntarily cancel the delegation application. If not confirmed by the delegated trader by the end of the waiting period, the delegation will be automatically canceled.

Once initiated and confirmed, the delegation can still be canceled by both the investor and the delegated trader. Upon cancellation, the API key of the custodial sub-account created by the delegated trader will be automatically deleted, and any spot or futures orders will be canceled.

Can I initiate a new custodial sub-account delegation after canceling one?

Yes. If you cancel a delegation before it is confirmed by the delegated trader, you can submit another application on the same day. If you cancel a delegation after it has been confirmed, you can submit another application after 24 hours.

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