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Sui to Indonesian Rupiah Converter and calculator

Convert 1Sui (SUI) to Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) equals Rp 19,459.07 | Bitget

IDR information

About the Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)

What Is the Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)?

The Indonesian Rupiah, denoted as IDR and symbolized as Rp, serves as the sovereign currency of Indonesia, a sprawling archipelago in Southeast Asia. The term "Rupiah" is derived from the Sanskrit word "rupyakam," which translates to "silver," a nod to the currency's historical roots. In everyday vernacular, Indonesians often refer to the rupiah in coins as "perak," meaning "silver" in Indonesian, highlighting the currency's deep cultural integration. The Indonesian Rupiah is the sole legal tender in Indonesia, and it is used for all transactions within the country.

The rupiah is managed and issued by Bank Indonesia, the country's central bank, which plays a pivotal role in maintaining the currency's stability and value. The currency is divided into 100 sen, although due to persistent inflation over the years, sen denominations have become largely obsolete and are no longer in active circulation.

What Is the History of IDR?

Introduced in 1946 by Indonesian nationalists, the Rupiah replaced the Netherlands Indies gulden used during the Japanese occupation in World War II. Initially, it coexisted with other currencies, including a new version of the gulden. The Riau Islands and the Indonesian half of New Guinea had their own rupiah variants, which were later integrated into the national currency.

Notes and Coins of IDR

The Indonesian Rupiah has a diverse range of banknotes and coins, each uniquely emblematic of the nation's rich cultural and historical tapestry. The banknotes, available in denominations of Rp1,000, Rp2,000, Rp5,000, Rp10,000, Rp20,000, Rp50,000, and Rp100,000, are adorned with images of national heroes, traditional dances, and scenic landscapes, reflecting Indonesia's vibrant heritage. These notes are fortified with advanced security features like watermarks, security threads, and intaglio printing, enhancing their security and accessibility, especially for the visually impaired. Notably, the 2016 series introduced new designs centered around national heroes, and a commemorative Rp75,000 note was issued in 2020 to mark Indonesia's 75th Independence Day. In 2022, a fresh series of banknotes was released, updating both the design and security elements.

Complementing the banknotes, Indonesian coins are circulated in denominations of Rp50, Rp100, Rp200, Rp500, and Rp1,000, predominantly crafted from aluminum and nickel. These coins feature the Garuda Pancasila, Indonesia's national emblem, and various indigenous flora and fauna, symbolizing the country's natural wealth. While all denominations are legally valid, the lower-valued coins are less frequently used due to inflation.

What is Digital Rupiah?

The Digital Rupiah is a digital currency initiative by Bank Indonesia, aimed at creating a digital version of the Indonesian Rupiah. This project is part of a global trend where central banks are exploring digital currencies, often referred to as Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs). The Digital Rupiah is expected to function similarly to its physical counterpart but in a digital form, facilitating secure, efficient, and transparent financial transactions. It represents an effort to modernize the financial system, adapt to the growing digital economy, and enhance financial inclusion in Indonesia. The development of the Digital Rupiah is likely to involve careful planning and testing to ensure it integrates seamlessly with the existing financial infrastructure while addressing concerns related to security, privacy, and economic impact.

Why Does IDR Have So Many Zeros?

The presence of many zeros in the Indonesian Rupiah is directly linked to the country's history of high inflation, particularly during economic crises such as the Asian Financial Crisis in the late 1990s. Inflation reduces a currency's value, requiring larger denominations for everyday transactions, hence the higher number of zeros on the banknotes. The Indonesian government has considered redenomination to simplify the currency by removing some zeros, but this would only be a nominal change without altering the currency's actual value or the purchasing power of the people. Essentially, the multiple zeros on the rupiah reflect Indonesia's economic challenges and the impact of persistent inflation on its monetary system.

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Bitget crypto-to-fiat exchange data shows that the most popular Sui currency pair is the SUI to IDR, with for Sui's currency code being SUI. Use our cryptocurrency calculator now to see how much your cryptocurrency can be exchanged for IDR.

SUI to IDR conversion rate trend

In the past 1D, Sui has changed +7.02% to IDR. Based on the trend and price charts, Sui(SUI) has changed +7.02% to IDR while Indonesian Rupiah(IDR) has changed % to SUI in the last 24 hours.

Conversion rate comparison of various exchanges

ExchangePriceMaker / Taker FeeTradable
0.0001% / 0.0004%vip-iconVIP
0.1000% / 0.1000%
0.080% / 0.100%
0.1000% / 0.1000%
0.1000% / 0.1000%
0.1000% / 0.1000%
0.1000% / 0.1000%
0.1000% / 0.1000%
Last updated 2024/04/15 15:00:27(UTC+0)

What factors influence the conversion rate of Sui to Indonesian Rupiah?

Sui to Indonesian Rupiah is falling this week.
Sui's current market price is Rp 19,459.07 per SUI, with a total market cap of Rp 25,217,043,624,369.77 IDR based on a circulating supply of 1,295,901,400 SUI. The trading volume of Sui has changed by -35.80% (Rp -3,558,237,276,817.63 IDR) in the last 24 hours. Last trading day, SUI's trading volume was Rp 9,939,321,324,309.85.
Market cap
24h volume
Circulating supply
1.30B SUI

Conversion tables

The exchange rate of Sui is decreasing.
1 SUI is currently valued at Rp 19,459.07 IDR , which means buying 5 SUI will cost Rp 97,295.37 IDR . Similarly, Rp1 IDR can be traded for 0.{4}5139 SUI, and Rp50 IDR can be converted to 0.002569 SUI, excluding any platform or gas fees.
The exchange rate of 1 SUI to Indonesian Rupiah has changed by -27.95% in the last 7 days. In the last 24 hours, the rate has fluctuated by +7.02%, reaching a high of 20,842.36 IDR and a low of 17,872.13 IDR . One month ago, the value of 1 SUI was Rp 25,793.86 IDR , which represents a -24.54% change from its current value. Over the last year, Sui has changed by
, resulting in a change of --% in its value.


15:47 today
0.5 SUI
10 SUI
50 SUI
100 SUI
500 SUI
1000 SUI


Amount15:47 today
0.5IDR0.{4}2569  SUI
1IDR0.{4}5139  SUI
5IDR0.0002569  SUI
10IDR0.0005139  SUI
50IDR0.002569  SUI
100IDR0.005139  SUI
500IDR0.02569  SUI
1000IDR0.05139  SUI

Today vs. 24 hours ago

Amount15:47 today24 hours ago24h change
0.5 SUI$0.6057$0.5660
1 SUI$1.21$1.13
5 SUI$6.06$5.66
10 SUI$12.11$11.32
50 SUI$60.57$56.6
100 SUI$121.14$113.19
500 SUI$605.72$565.96
1000 SUI$1,211.45$1,131.92

Today vs. 1 month ago

Amount15:47 today1 month ago1M change
0.5 SUI$0.6057$0.8029
1 SUI$1.21$1.61
5 SUI$6.06$8.03
10 SUI$12.11$16.06
50 SUI$60.57$80.29
100 SUI$121.14$160.58
500 SUI$605.72$802.91
1000 SUI$1,211.45$1,605.82

Today vs. 1 year ago

Amount15:47 today1 year ago1Y change
0.5 SUI$0.6057$-0.0005972
1 SUI$1.21$-0.001194
5 SUI$6.06$-0.005972
10 SUI$12.11$-0.01194
50 SUI$60.57$-0.05972
100 SUI$121.14$-0.1194
500 SUI$605.72$-0.5972
1000 SUI$1,211.45$-1.1944


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