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Deposit to mine CKB!

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CandyBomb is an airdrop platform launched by Bitget. Users who complete tasks and get tickets can win token airdrops.


About the project

The Nervos Network is an open-source public blockchain ecosystem and collection of protocols solving the biggest challenges facing blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum today. The Nervos CKB (Common Knowledge Base) is the layer 1, proof of work public blockchain protocol of the Nervos Network. It allows any crypto-asset to be stored with the security, immutability and permissionless nature of Bitcoin while enabling smart contracts, layer 2 scaling and captures the total network value through its 'store of value' crypto-economic design and native token, the CKByte.

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CandyBomb--Nervos Network (CKB) promotion details:

CKB amount

CKB net deposit pool


How to participate: Complete CKB net deposit tasks to get reward tickets.

Promotion period: 11:00, 19th Apr - 11:00, 26th Apr (UTC)

How to participate:

1. Sign up for a Bitget account.

2. Go to the CandyBomb page and use the Register button.

3. Bitget will begin calculating the CKB net deposit volumes only after the user completes registration for the promotion.

CKB net deposit pool

CKB net deposit pool: 550,000 CKB

How to get tickets:

1. Reach a certain net deposit amount during the promotion to get tickets.

Net deposits = on-chain deposits – on-chain withdrawals.

2. You will get tickets based on your net deposits. See Table 2.

Net deposit amount (CKB)
















Note: Only deposits of CKB will be counted.

3. User rewards = reward tickets obtained by the user for completing CKB net deposit tasks ÷ total reward tickets obtained by participating users for completing CKB net deposit tasks × CKB net deposit prize pool. Each user can get up to 66,700 CKB from the net deposit pool.

CandyBomb CKB celebration timetable

Promotion phase


Registration period/promotion period

11:00, 19th Apr - 11:00, 26th Apr (UTC)

Result announcement

12:00, 26th Apr (UTC)

Airdrop distribution

13:00, 26th Apr (UTC)

Airdrop unlock

Airdrops from net deposit pool will be fully unlocked on 14:00, 26th Apr (UTC).

Terms and conditions:

1. Bitget reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to cancel or suspend any user account from participation and to withdraw all rewards from any participating user if the user is found to have engaged in fraudulent or illegal behavior, or illegal activity, or to have violated any applicable user agreements, rules, policies, or any promotion rules or regulations, terms and conditions, or announcements (revised and repeated), or if the user abuses the promotion or disrupts or undermines the lawful operation of the promotion.

2. Bitget reserves the right of final interpretation on the terms and conditions of this promotion, including changes, amendments to the promotion rules, or the cancellation of the promotion without prior notice.


Cryptocurrencies are subject to high market risk and volatility despite high growth potential. Users are strongly advised to conduct their own research and invest at their own risk.

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