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Introducing Bitget spot margin trading bonuses

1. About spot margin trading bonuses

1.1 Bitget spot margin trading bonuses are distributed in coupons.

1.2 Each coupon contains has a coin type, amount, and validity period.

1.3 Bitget’s spot margin trading bonuses support two margin modes: cross margin and isolated margin.

2. How do I search for or claim spot margin trading bonuses?

2.1 Website

On the homepage, go to Profile > Coupons Center > Spot Margin Trading Bonuses.


On the homepage, tap the Profile icon, then go to Coupons Center > Spot Margin Trading Bonuses.

Check your trading bonuses

2.2 Once the bonus is successfully claimed, it will be sent directly to the user's spot cross margin account or the corresponding spot isolated margin account of the trading pair.

3. User guide to spot margin trading bonuses

3.1 After successfully claiming the bonus, there will be more available assets of the corresponding coin. The bonus can be used as principal or margin for spot margin trading.

Four steps to complete Bitget Spot Margin Trading

3.2 If the user has more than one trading bonus coupon, the coupon that was claimed earliest will be used first.

4. Spot margin trading bonuses: conditions of use

4.1 Spot margin trading bonuses will expire if they are not claimed within the claiming period.

4.2 Once claimed, spot margin trading bonuses will expire if they are not used within the validity period.

4.3 Spot margin trading bonuses can only be used for spot margin trading and will be automatically recovered once they are transferred to other accounts.

5. Disclaimer

5.1 Bitget reserves the right to take action against users engaging in fraudulent behavior and recover any losses.

5.2 Bitget reserves the right of final interpretation of the rules and conditions of trading bonuses usage.

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