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Four steps to complete Bitget Spot Margin Trading

Four steps to complete Bitget Spot Margin Trading image 0

Global Bitgetters,

Four Steps to Complete Bitget Spot Margin Trading: Transfer - Borrow - Trade -Repay!

Step 1: Transfer Funds to Your Spot Margin Account

The first step to Spot Margin trading on Bitget is to transfer funds from your main account to your Spot Margin account. This can be done through the "Transfer" function on the platform. Make sure you transfer enough funds to cover any potential losses.

Tip: For the Cross margin account, the principal is mixed in one account. For the Isolated margin account, you need to transfer funds to the trading pair account you want to trade.

Step 2: Borrow Funds from the Lending Market

Once you have funds in your Spot Margin account, you can borrow additional funds from the Lending Market to increase your trading power. We offer two borrowing modes:

A: Manual borrowing: Click the "Borrow" button to set the token and amount you want to borrow.

B: Auto-borrowing: Enable the auto-borrowing function, and the system will automatically borrow funds beyond the principal amount based on the trading amount you input when you trade.

Step 3: Long or Short Trade

Choose a trading pair and place a buy long or sell short order to open a position.

Long: Borrow USDT to buy tokens you want to long.

Short: Borrow tokens you want to short and sell them.

Step 4: Close Your Trade and Repay Loans

Monitor your trading position closely and close your trade when you reach your profit or loss target. Repay loans in the same token you borrowed. We also offer two repayment modes:

A: Manual repay: Click the "Borrow" button and switch to the repayment tab to repay the loan and interest.

B: Auto-repay: Enable the auto-repay function, and the system will automatically use available token assets to repay the loan when you complete the trade.

Margin trading can provide you with more trading funds for spot trading, but it also comes with trading risks. In Bitget's spot margin product, forced liquidation or reduction will be triggered when the risk ratio is equal to or greater than 1. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you monitor your position's risk ratio and supplement principle or set stop-loss orders in a timely manner.