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Copy trading weekly: January 9, 2024

We will provide a review about new features, new tokens and new promotions for the previous week on each Tuesday to keep you, our traders and followers, informed about what's new about Bitget's copy trading. We are dedicated to providing you with better products and services! Thank you for supporting Bitget.

Below are the Bitget copy trading news from January 1, 2024 to January 7, 2024 (UTC+8)

1. New copy trading pairs

To improve the user experience, Bitget introduced the following new Spot Copy Trading pairs: NFP/USDT.

2. Important Announcement

  • Issuance of Bitget TraderPro elite trader accounts — time and requirements
    • A total of 50 elite trader accounts will be issued through five batches for the first season of the Bitget TraderPro program. We will flexibly set the review criteria for each batch based on market conditions and user performance and disclose accounts to all participants at the time of account issuance to ensure transparency and fairness.

3. Hot promotions

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4. Discover top 3 traders

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