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Issuance of Bitget TraderPro elite trader accounts — time and requirements

We sincerely appreciate your active participation in and continued support of the Bitget TraderPro! Note that the registration deadline is January 10, 2024, and the first season will conclude on January 31. We encourage every participant to take full advantage of this valuable opportunity and actively participate before the season ends.

A total of 50 elite trader accounts will be issued through five batches for the first season of the Bitget TraderPro program. We will flexibly set the review criteria for each batch based on market conditions and user performance and disclose accounts to all participants at the time of account issuance to ensure transparency and fairness.


Accounts issued

Issuance time

Batch 1


January 9 – January 14

Batch 2


January 15 – January 21

Batch 3


January 22 – January 28

Batch 4


January 29 – February 4

Batch 5


February 5 – February 11

Note that Bitget reserves the right to adjust, change, or cancel this announcement as necessary to better adapt to market changes and protect the community's interests. We are always committed to providing a safe and fair trading environment for our users and prioritizing their rights and interests under all circumstances.

If you don't receive an elite trader account, please stay positive! The Bitget TraderPro program has more exciting seasons coming up, and we invite you to try again. Thank you for your interest and support for the Bitget TraderPro program. Let's work together to create a fairer trading environment full of opportunities!

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