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Copy trading weekly: September 26, 2023

We will provide a review about new features, new tokens and new promotions for the previous week on each Tuesday to keep you, our traders and followers, informed about what's new about Bitget's copy trading. We are dedicated to providing you with better products and services! Thank you for supporting Bitget.

Below are the Bitget copy trading news from September 18, 2023 to September 24, 2023 (UTC+8)

1. New copy trading features

  • Bitget copy trading updates: elite trader badges

    • Bitget has launched elite trader badges, a series of exclusive and personalized badges to showcase the achievements of each elite trader and to recognize their growth and contribution to Bitget. For followers, badges also provide a more intuitive and clear understanding of the achievements and honors of each elite trader, helping them in making informed decisions.

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2. Hot promotions

  • Rules for the KCGI 2023 futures copy trading competition
    • Registration period: September 1 – September 15
    • Competition period: September 25 – September 30
    • Users will participate in the competition in teams and follow elite traders in their teams to make copy trades. The total PnL of the top ten team members will be considered as the team's overall PnL. The top ten teams with the highest overall PnL will grab a share of the prize pool in proportion to their PnL.

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  • Enjoy copy trading with loss protection!
    • Join us to experience effortless copy trading and enjoy perks for new futures copy trading followers. Users who make their first futures copy trade will receive loss protection in the event of liquidation! Come and join the Bitget family now!

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3. Discover top 3 traders

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