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Dual Investment User Agreement

IMPORTANT: Make sure you read the entirety of the terms and conditions carefully before signing this document. By subscribing to dual investment products, you hereby agree to the entirety of these terms and conditions and acknowledge the associated risks.

Preface: Bitget has launched Dual Investment products. By subscribing to these products, you agree to these terms and conditions. Ensure that you have read the following terms carefully before using or subscribing to these products.

1. Agreement

1.1 Bitget's provision of the product lineup and historical data information for free does not constitute a solicitation for users to subscribe to a specific financial product. Users are responsible for their decisions and bear the risk of those decisions.

1.2 By using the Dual Investment product, users grant Bitget access to their invested assets and agree that the returns shall be distributed in accordance with Bitget's rules.

1.3 By using the Dual Investment product, users shall comply with national and regional laws, ensure that the source of cryptocurrency assets is legal and compliant, and refrain from engaging in money laundering and other illegal practices.

1.4 By using the Dual Investment product, users shall fully understand the risks associated with investing in digital assets, acknowledge that actual returns cannot be guaranteed, and exercise caution when making trading decisions.

1.5 By using the Dual Investment product, users agree and accept unconditionally that Bitget shall not be held liable for all potential risks and earnings linked to their investment decisions.

1.6 Bitget will use its best efforts to ensure, but not guarantee, the stability and effectiveness of the platform in the event of delays, suspensions, interruptions, or deviations in execution due to network delays, system failures, and other force majeure circumstances.

1.7 Bitget shall not be held accountable for any disparity between the final execution of Dual Investment products and users' expectations due to force majeure circumstances.

1.8 This product is not available to users in regions such as the United States and Singapore.

1.9 Bitget reserves the right of final interpretation of Dual Investment products.

2. Risk Warning

2.1 Dual Investment products involve options and other financial derivatives. Crypto investment involves risk, and users are advised to exercise caution.

2.2 Historical and current APRs are provided for reference purposes only. These figures do not predict the product's future performance and shall not be construed as the product's actual returns.

2.3 Any investment decision made by users is solely based on their own judgments. Users shall bear all risks involved.

3. Investor's confirmation

I confirm that I have fully understood the Dual Investment User Agreement along with the associated risks and that I fully comprehend and accept these terms voluntarily.

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