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Bitget P2P launches the customer service join chat function

In order to deliver users a better P2P service experience, Bitget P2P has launched the "customer service join chat" function for all markets.
When there is a P2P transaction dispute, a customer service agent can now join the chat of the P2P trade page to improve the processing efficiency of appeals.
1. If the complainant wishes to submit an appeal for the order, they can click the Submit Appeal button 10 minutes after they have clicked the Paid button.
How to submit an appeal
2. The complainant must fill in the reasons for the appeal and upload their proof of payment.
How to fill out an appeal
3. After the appeal is submitted, both parties will receive a notification when a customer service agent joins the chat.
Customer Service Join Chat Window - User Perspective
Customer Service Join Chat Window - Merchant Perspective
4. Both parties must cooperate with customer service by communicating, providing proof of payment, and negotiating with each other.
Communicating with Customer Service - User Perspective
Communicating with Customer Service - Merchant Perspective
5. The complainant can also upload videos in the chat window to provide proof. Once the order is completed, the appeal will be terminated.
Order completion