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Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity priceAXS

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Axie Infinity price calculator

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1 AXS = 7.69 USD
Last updated 2024-04-22 11:46:50(UTC-0)

Axie Infinity price live data summary

The live price of Axie Infinity is $7.69 per (AXS / USD) today with a current market cap of $1.10B USD. The 24-hour trading volume is $38.67M USD. AXS to USD price is updated in real time. Axie Infinity is -0.48% in the last 24 hours. It has a circulating supply of 143,179,410 .

What is the highest price of AXS?

AXS has an all-time high (ATH) of $165.37, recorded on 2021-11-06.

What is the lowest price of AXS?

AXS has an all-time low (ATL) of $0.1234, recorded on 2020-11-06.

Axie Infinity price performance in USD


Axie Infinity price history in USD

All-time$0.1234(2020-11-06, 3 years ago )$165.37(2021-11-06, 2 years ago )

Axie Infinity market information

Market cap
Fully diluted market cap
Volume (24h)
Market rankings
Circulation rate
24h volume / market cap
Circulating supply
143,179,410 AXS
Total supply / Max supply
270,000,000 AXS
270,000,000 AXS

Axie Infinity ratings

Average ratings from the community
100 ratings
This content is for informational purposes only.

Axie Infinity Social Data

In the last 24 hours, the social media sentiment score for Axie Infinity was 4.8, and the social media sentiment towards Axie Infinity price trend was Bullish. The overall Axie Infinity social media score was 44,292, which ranks 60 among all cryptocurrencies.

According to LunarCrush, in the last 24 hours, cryptocurrencies were mentioned on social media a total of 1,469,623 times, with Axie Infinity being mentioned with a frequency ratio of 0.04%, ranking 54 among all cryptocurrencies.

In the last 24 hours, there were a total of 1,237 unique users discussing Axie Infinity, with a total of Axie Infinity mentions of 619. However, compared to the previous 24-hour period, the number of unique users decrease by 2%, and the total number of mentions has increase by 79%.

On Twitter, there were a total of 4 tweets mentioning Axie Infinity in the last 24 hours. Among them, 100% are bullish on Axie Infinity, 0% are bearish on Axie Infinity, and 0% are neutral on Axie Infinity.

On Reddit, there were 62 posts mentioning Axie Infinity in the last 24 hours. Compared to the previous 24-hour period, the number of mentions increase by 63% . Additionally, there were 0 comments mentioning Axie Infinity. Compared to the previous 24-hour period, the number of mentions decrease by 0%.

Visão geral das redes sociais

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Social score(24h)
Social contributors(24h)
Social mentions(24h)
Social dominance(24h)
Twitter sentiment(24h)
Reddit score(24h)
Reddit posts(24h)
Reddit comments(24h)

About Axie Infinity(AXS)

What Is Axie Infinity?

Axie Infinity is an NFT game on the Ronin network that combines elements of digital pet breeding, player-vs-player (PvP) combat, and cryptocurrency trading. It is developed on the Ronin network, a customized Ethereum sidechain built specifically for the game itself. In Axie Infinity, players can own, trade, breed, raise, and combat using non-fungible token (NFT)-based Axie creatures. Each Axie creature is unique in terms of its attributes and appearance, and is stored as an NFT on the blockchain, granting true ownership to the player.

The game's popularity has exploded in recent years, largely due to the elegant integration of gaming, crypto, and blockchain elements. Players can earn cryptocurrency rewards by participating in battles and other in-game activities, making it a prominent name in the GameFi world. However, in 2022, Axie Infinity suffered a major hack, resulting in significant financial losses for the platform and its users. To compensate victims, the project managed to raise USD 150 million.



Official Website:

How Does Axie Infinity Work?

The core gameplay of Axie Infinity centers around owning and battling with Axie creatures, where players can team up with their friends, engage in single-player modes, or even compete in player-vs-player (PvP) tournaments. Battles are turn-based and involve strategy, with players selecting moves for their Axies and using their unique abilities to gain an advantage over opponents. The outcome of each battle is determined by a combination of factors such as Axie attributes, player strategy, and luck.

The game also features an active in-game marketplace where players can buy and sell Axies, land plots, and other virtual items. Transactions in the marketplace are facilitated by the game's native cryptocurrencies, Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) and Small Love Potion (SLP). AXS serves as the primary currency for governance, staking, and in-game payments, while SLP is earned by playing the game and used to breed Axies. The integration of these cryptocurrencies into the game's ecosystem allows players to monetize their in-game activities.

What Is AXS Token?

Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) is the primary cryptocurrency of the Axie Infinity game. It serves multiple purposes within the game's ecosystem, including governance, staking, and in-game payments. Players can use AXS to vote on proposals that affect the game's development and future, participate in staking to earn rewards, and make in-game purchases. Additionally, AXS can be traded on various cryptocurrency exchanges, providing players with the opportunity to convert their in-game earnings into real-world assets.

Axie Infinity's Impact on Finance

Axie Infinity has had a significant impact on the world of finance, particularly in the emerging field of GameFi (Game Finance). By successfully combining gaming and blockchain technology, Axie Infinity has created a new form of financial interaction where players can earn cryptocurrencies by participating in the game. This has opened up new income streams for players, especially in regions where traditional financial systems may be less accessible.

What Determines Axie Infinity's Price

The dynamics of Axie Infinity price are influenced by a myriad of factors, intricately woven into the game's play-to-earn mechanism and the broader cryptocurrency market trends. Central to the Axie Infinity universe are the unique digital creatures known as Axies, which are essentially non-fungible tokens (NFTs) symbolizing ownership and rarity. The AXS crypto price tends to fluctuate based on the trading and breeding activities surrounding these Axies, their value determined by various attributes like rarity, experience, and unique abilities.

The Axie Infinity market cap is notably impacted by the governance token, Axie Infinity Shards (AXS), and the utility token, Smooth Love Potion (SLP). The AXS coin price is tightly linked to the game's decentralized governance system where holders can stake their tokens to claim rewards and partake in key governance votes, influencing the Axie Infinity price prediction. In contrast, the SLP, primarily used for breeding Axies, has an unlimited supply, potentially affecting the Axie Infinity coin price due to its fluctuating value based on supply and demand dynamics.

As you explore deeper into the Axie Infinity price analysis, it is essential to recognize the role of the game's economic potential in determining the AXS price today. Players have multiple avenues to earn within the game, including participating in player vs. player battles, breeding, and trading Axies on the marketplace, and speculating on the value of rare Axies. These activities not only offer a glimpse into the Axie Infinity price live but also shape the AXS price prediction 2023, contributing to the game's overall trading volume and market dynamics.

Furthermore, the Axie Infinity trading volume is significantly influenced by broader cryptocurrency market trends and the integration of blockchain technology in the gaming industry. The game's native cryptocurrency, AXS, operates on the Ethereum blockchain, aligning the Axie Infinity (AXS) price USD with trends and fluctuations in the Ethereum network. As you ponder the AXS price forecast, it is crucial to monitor developments in the blockchain sector and potential updates from the developers, Sky Mavis, which could influence the Axie Infinity latest price and the Axie Infinity coinmarketcap.

To make an informed decision on when to buy Axie Infinity coin, prospective investors should conduct detailed research, considering both the game's internal dynamics and the broader crypto market trends. The Axie Infinity historical price data can provide insights into potential future trends, aiding in crafting a more accurate AXS coin price prediction. As the Axie Infinity universe continues to evolve, with new developments like the introduction of virtual land plots and potential expansions, staying updated with the AXS crypto news will be vital in navigating the vibrant and ever-changing landscape of Axie Infinity's market.

How to buy Axie Infinity (AXS)

Buying Axie Infinity on Bitget is fast and simple.
You just have to create an account, complete identity verification, deposit funds, and your trading journey is all set!
For more information, refer to How to buy Axie Infinity (AXS) .

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After having successfully signed up on Bitget and purchased USDT or AXS tokens, you can start trading derivatives, including AXS futures and margin trading to increase your income.

The current price of AXS is $7.69, with a 24h price change of -0.48%. Traders can profit by either going long or short onAXS futures.

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Axie Infinity news

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People are also inquiring about the price of Axie Infinity.

What is the current price of Axie Infinity?

We update our Axie Infinity to USD price in real time. Get the live Price of Axie Infinity on Bitget.

What is the 24 hour trading volume of Axie Infinity?

Over the last 24 hours, the trading volume of Axie Infinity is $38.67M.

What is the all-time high of Axie Infinity?

The all-time high of Axie Infinity is $165.37. This all-time high is highest price for Axie Infinity since it was launched.

Can I buy Axie Infinity on Bitget?

Yes, Axie Infinity is currently available on Bitget’s centralized exchange. For more detailed instructions, check out our helpful How to buy Axie Infinity guide.

Can I get a steady income from investing in Axie Infinity?

Of course, Bitget provides a strategic trading platform, with intelligent trading bots to automate your trades and earn profits.

Where can I buy Axie Infinity with the lowest fee?

We're pleased to announce that strategic trading platform is now available on the Bitget exchange. Bitget offers industry-leading trading fees and depth to ensure profitable investments for traders.

Is Axie Infinity a good investment?

Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) holds potential as an investment, underlined by several key factors: Axie Infinity's Growing Popularity: The blockchain-based game Axie Infinity has been gaining traction, which can bolster AXS's value. Ongoing Ecosystem Enhancements: The consistent evolution and innovations within the Axie Infinity platform can drive up AXS utility and demand. Metaverse and GameFi Connection: AXS's ties to the expanding Metaverse and GameFi sectors can make it an appealing long-term investment. As these sectors gather momentum, the Axie Infinity coin's value could benefit.

What is Axie Infinity Price Prediction

Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) value is influenced by various determinants tied to both the game's dynamics and the broader crypto market. While pinpointing an exact AXS price forecast is challenging, consider these key drivers: Active Player Growth: The AXS value is intertwined with the number of players in the game. As the Axie Infinity community grows, it can push the AXS price upward, whereas a decreasing player base might have the opposite effect. Game Development: Innovations, updates, and new features can stimulate in-game activity, potentially boosting the AXS price. Broader Crypto Trends: The overall sentiment in the cryptocurrency market can either propel or hinder AXS's price trajectory. Positive market vibes can act as tailwinds for the Axie Infinity coin's value.

Can I start Axie Infinity without money?

The game requires a user to possess at least 3 Axies to commence the game. However, if you wish to commence the game without paying first, you can do so by opting for the Axie Infinity scholarship in which users can negotiate terms with advanced players who lend their mature axies to novices.You can easily purchase your first Axie Infinity tokens on Bitget!

How to earn money on Axie Infinity

Earn revenue through various avenues in Axie Infinity, such as: Engage in Gameplay: Actively playing Axie Infinity can generate rewards. This includes facing off against AI monsters in Adventure mode, joining PvP battles, and climbing the game's ranks. Axie Breeding & Trading: Breed unique Axies and list them on the Axie Marketplace for sale, turning a potential profit. Staking AXS: Earn passive income by staking your AXS tokens. This approach locks your AXS in a smart contract, granting you additional tokens as rewards over time. Lunacia Land Investment: Acquire virtual land plots in Lunacia, Axie Infinity's digital world. These plots can appreciate and serve as passive income sources. Battle Participation: Engage in in-game battles to win rewards, enhancing your overall earnings. Daily Bonuses: Regularly log into Axie Infinity and complete daily tasks to secure consistent rewards.

How to play Axie Infinity Game

Here's how to get started as a player on Axie Infinity: 1. Begin by installing the Ronin Wallet, the official digital wallet for the Ronin blockchain. Create an account on it. 2. Buy ETH on Bitget or other supported options. Withdraw your coins into your Ronin Wallet to fund it. 3. Connect your Ronin Wallet to the Axie Infinity app for a seamless gaming experience. 4. Explore the game's official marketplace to collect Axie NFTs. You can also borrow Axies from players willing to lend their NFTs. 5. To access other players' NFTs, apply for an Axie Infinity scholarship. 6. Set up your Axie Infinity account on your desktop or smartphone. 7. We recommend starting with Adventure Mode and progressing to Arena Mode as you gain expertise.

How to Stake Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) tokens

Easily earn rewards by staking Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) using the following steps: Download Ronin Wallet: Get the official Axie Infinity wallet, Ronin, and set up your account. Register on Axie Marketplace: Create an account on the Axie Marketplace with your email. Then, sync your Ronin wallet with the marketplace. Acquire AXS Tokens: Buy AXS from leading exchanges like Bitget. After your purchase, transfer the tokens to your Ronin wallet. Stake AXS in Game: Navigate to the game's AXS Staking section. Choose the number of AXS you'd like to stake and validate the action. Enjoy AXS Rewards: Reap the benefits of your staked AXS. You can choose to reinvest your earnings or claim them as per your strategy.
Cryptocurrency investments, including buying Axie Infinity online via Bitget, are subject to market risk. Bitget provides easy and convenient ways for you to buy Axie Infinity, and we try our best to fully inform our users about each cryptocurrency we offer on the exchange. However, we are not responsible for the results that may arise from your Axie Infinity purchase. This page and any information included are not an endorsement of any particular cryptocurrency.



AXS is available for trading on the Bitget Exchange, and can be held in custody on Bitget Wallet. Bitget Exchange is also one of the first CEX platforms to support AXS trades.
You can trade AXS on Bitget.






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