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Unleash the Power of Crypto with Bitget's Unique Features

Unleash the Power of Crypto with Bitget's Unique Features

Beyond our investment offerings, Bitget provides a plethora of unique tools and services that can significantly enhance your cryptocurrency journey. From an array of DeFi services to innovative incubation opportunities, and even an enriching learning platform, Bitget goes beyond the conventional, providing users with a well-rounded crypto experience. Dive right in!


Bitget Launchpad, released in 2022, is an innovative platform that supports the launch of new crypto projects and airdrops. Designed to discover high-quality projects for users, this platform provides direct access to buying or earning new tokens.

To engage in an IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) on Bitget Launchpad, users must possess BGB to acquire lottery tickets and successfully complete KYC Verification. Participation in Bitget Launchpad follows a subscription model. After registering for an IEO, users can accumulate assets or trade to receive lottery tickets that grant the opportunity to purchase early-stage tokens.

Bitget Launchpad Tutorial

- Go to Bitget Launchpad

- Choose the project that is open for registration and you want to participate in.

- Click “Register” to earn lottery tickets for the chosen project.

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- Come back to the Launchpad page later at a designated time to see if you hold any winning tickets.

- If you have winning lottery tickets, you can exchange your BGB for IEO tokens during the commitment period. Make sure you check the timeline of the IEO carefully and put it in your calendar so you don’t miss any period.

Detailed guidelines can be found here.


Bitget Launchpool is a crypto platform where users can stake and earn tokens with user-friendly terms and conditions. By staking with BGB or other coins into the Launchpool, users have the chance to earn free airdrops, earnings, and access to a substantial prize pool.

Bitget Launchpool offers two distinct pools: a beginner pool and a general pool. Users may choose the pool they want to stake in based on their past Launchpool participation history and the amount of BGB they hold. It’s worth remembering that each pool has a different staking threshold, so users should read the details of each pool carefully before staking.

Returns on staked assets are calculated within T+1 hours, with rewards distributed hourly. The estimated ROI is updated and available for viewing on the Launchpool page. Bitget Launchpool also offers flexibility for users, allowing them to withdraw their staked assets whenever they choose.

Bitget Launchpool Tutorial

- Go to Bitget Launchpool

- Choose the pool that you want to stake in by clicking the respective “Stake” button.

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- Enter the amount you want to stake, then click “Confirm”.

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Detailed guidelines can be found here.


Bitget CandyBomb is a unique centralized task-and-airdrop platform tailored for crypto enthusiasts seeking investment prospects. Distinguished from Bitget Launchpad, the innovative CandyBomb concept revolutionizes token acquisition. While Bitget Launchpad requires users to lock their BGB holdings for potential access to new tokens at a discounted rate, CandyBomb presents an effortless alternative. Participants are simply required to fulfill specified tasks, then new tokens will be deposited into their wallets without any associated costs. In this regard, CandyBomb empowers users to diversify their portfolios at no expense, making it a potent tool for continuous growth.

CandyBomb Tutorial

- Go to CandyBomb.

- Choose the project you want to take part in and click “Sign up”

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- Complete the tasks as required. Each project has a different set of tasks so make sure to read carefully.

- That’s all! Tokens will be airdropped to those who successfully fulfill the assigned tasks within the designated event timeframe.

Detailed guidelines can be found here.

Bitget Swap

Bitget Swap is an innovative decentralized trading feature within Bitget that enhances user trading and meets diverse DeFi needs. It acts as an advanced DeFi aggregator, pooling liquidity from various trading pools to ensure optimal pricing and minimal fees. At the moment, Bitget Swap supports thousands of tokens on 9 prominent blockchains including Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, and BNB Chain. We are expanding to cover more blockchains in the future.

Bitget Swap brings three notable advantages:

- Seamless Transfers: Users can move funds from their Bitget account to MegaSwap easily without incurring any fees (All internal transfers are free!).

- Newcomer-Friendly: MegaSwap simplifies entry for beginners by allowing them to operate within the secure Bitget ecosystem, avoiding the complexities of setting up a new Web3 wallet.

- Gas Fee Flexibility: Another MegaSwap's standout feature is its capability to facilitate token swaps within the same chain or across different chains without the requirement of native tokens like ETH or BNB for gas fees.

Bitget Swap Tutorial

- Transfer funds to Swap account.

- Go to Bitget Swap.

- Choose the desired trading pair and their respective chains. The example here shows exchanging BUSD on BNB Chain for ETH on Ethereum.

Unleash the Power of Crypto with Bitget's Unique Features image 4

Unleash the Power of Crypto with Bitget's Unique Features image 5

- Enter the quantity of tokens you wish to exchange.

- Review the exchange rate, transaction fee, and slippage then hit “Confirm”

Detailed guidelines can be found here.

Bitget Knowledge Hub

Bitget Knowledge Hub is a treasure trove of valuable insights and comprehensive resources from industry experts that are designed to elevate your trading journey, whether you are new to crypto or a seasoned trader.

Bitget Academy

Bitget Academy provides a platform to accelerate your trading journey through a wealth of resources. You can delve into in-depth guides, discover practical tips, and stay updated with real-time market insights. Whether you're trading for the first time or already well-versed, Bitget Academy equips you with the essential tools and knowledge to confidently navigate the world of cryptocurrency trading.

Bitget Blog

Bitget Blog offers the latest news and updates from Bitget, from timely information about product developments, brand partnerships, ongoing campaigns, and to significant industry developments that impact the ever-evolving landscape of the crypto economy.

Bitget Insights

Bitget Insights provides a platform to bring your social and copy trading experience to the next level. Essentially, Bitget Insights is a brand new newsfeed located on the Bitget mobile app where influential traders and registered experts can share their financial analyses and views on the market with their Followers, creating a resource hub for retail traders or those just beginning to make better, more informed decisions.

With its user-centric approach, efficiency, and security, Bitget delivers an unparalleled crypto experience that caters to every trader's unique needs. As the crypto economy continues to evolve, Bitget remains committed to empowering traders with valuable insights, resources, and innovative features that drive continuous growth and foster a collaborative trading community.

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