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BGB Sail: March Edition

BGB Sail: March Edition

The focus of our BGB Sail Series is on the monthly performance of BGB, with a recap of the market situation at the end of each month.

Bitget Annual Briefing 2022-23 can be found here: Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3.

Market Summary

March is the second-best month for NFTs since June last year in terms of marketplace volume and growing market anticipation thanks to the BLUR token dropping, despite Meta's abandoning their NFTs programme for Facebook and Instagram.

BGB Sail: March Edition image 0

Source: lars0x

Data from The Block shows that the aggregated volume of NFT marketplaces on Ethereum declined by 26.3% in March - we'll talk about it later - but it's worth mentioning that activities on Blur not only surpassed that on OpenSea for the third time since its launch in October 2022, but also more than tripled OpenSea's numbers.

Some major reasons for the flourishing of Blur include the hype about the BLUR token launch in February and its novel operations design. There are two operation modes on the Blur marketplace, trader mode and collector mode, which significantly improve user experience. However, the recent U.S. banking crisis caused NFT daily volume (and crypto volume in general) to recede, thus affecting the whole month's performance. There is also the possibility that whales are farming intensively on Blur to qualify for the Season 2 airdrop with 300+ million BLUR to be distributed.

With the aforementioned banking crisis, investors have been seeking refuge in safe assets. The most popular option is gold; while investors previously could choose to buy physical gold, trade gold-currencies pairs, or invest in gold investment products such as gold ETFs, the utilisation of blockchain tech allows for the digitisation of physical gold - the perfectly convenient investment. Holders of gold-backed stablecoins have proof of ownership of this precious metal, which can be redeemed at any time. It's important to note that fractional ownership is a huge advantage of gold-backed stablecoins; no matter how much capital you have ready at hand, you can always trade for PAXG (Paxos Gold) or XAUt (Tether Gold) in the equivalent amount.

BGB Sail: March Edition image 1

Source: The Block

Unsurprisingly, March is the month where the combined market cap of PAXG and XAUt exceeded US$1 billion for the first time in history; it proved that many had flocked to blockchain-enabled gold amid banking turmoil.

The first 10 days of March were a rough time for Bitcoin as traders and investors reacted negatively to the collapse of Silvergate - a big banking partner of several top industry players, with the lowest prices falling below US$19,600 on March 10. Now, March 10 is marked as the death day of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), therefore it became a turning point for the crypto community: woes had spread from crypto to the vast traditional finance markets and people had to look for investment or even value storage alternatives.

BGB Sail: March Edition image 2

Source: CoinShares

Bitcoin's dominance in the crypto market cap is justifiable: its supply is fixed at 21 million Bitcoin (we'll be there soon) and data from CoinShares shows that BTC liquid supply is lower than 40%. Lower availability, combined with doubts about banks' reliability, had eventually sent Bitcoin to levels that haven't been seen since June 2022, paving the way for a bullish momentum toward April.

BGB Performance in March

BGB has been holding strong this month. BGB is among the best performers in the category of exchange tokens besides BNB and GT. Overall, exchange tokens suffered from a decrease in value due to the Silvergate and SVB fiasco, but BGB was able to demonstrate a sustainable upward trend in the second half of March. Meanwhile, BNB was slowly losing its appeal towards the end of the month, reflecting the regulatory scrutiny Binance had to face.

BGB Sail: March Edition image 3

On a second note, BGB's monthly high has decreased by 14.7%, whereas its monthly low rose by 47.8% from US$0.21205 to US$0.313502. This means that if you purchased BGB at its previous all-time high in October 2022 and sold your bag at March's lowest lever, you'd still make a profit of 31.6% (data from Yahoo Finance).

The upsurge of BGB price since the start of this year obviously has a positive impact on the token volume. Interest cooled down in November, December and January but skyrocketed in February to US$315.6 million, equivalent to an increase of 225% from January.

BGB Sail: March Edition image 4

If we compare BGB volume of Q4 2022 and Q1 2023, a change of 115% is also to be confirmed. February volume alone is almost equal to Q4 2022 volume (US$349 million), indicating a strong accumulation among investors.

You can find a detailed introduction of BGB here, but first, take a quick look at this summary below:

BGB Sail: March Edition image 5

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Spot Futures Activities

Futures activities, represented by the aggregated volume of all contracts, saw a plummeting by 47.6%, with volume suddenly rising from March 06 to March 10, i.e. after Silvergate and before SVB. Bitcoin continued to dominate the futures markets, but the average dominance level is slightly down by 1.27% to 66.1%. To equip our traders with more powerful tools, Bitget has launched the first index futures product named BGHOT10, which tracks a basket of Layer 1 tokens, popular DEX tokens, and other big cap cryptocurrencies. The whole purpose of Bitget Index Futures is to simplify the trading as well as the hedging practices of Bitget users.

BGB Sail: March Edition image 6

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BGB Sail: March Edition image 7

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