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In Celebration Of Bitget Innovation Zone’s Comeback

In Celebration Of Bitget Innovation Zone’s Comeback

A fresh start in 2023 sure is needed. We are seeing the year’s new highs, one after the other, and the unwavering capital commitment to the space is invigorating new startups. Bitget Innovation Zone has been the sacred space dedicated for project growth; but, being the leading crypto advocate as we are, we have decided to upgrade Bitget Innovation Zone to provide an even better experience for our users.

A Short QA Session

Why Bitget?

Bitget is a major crypto exchange that was established in 2018. We offer multiple trading and investment products including Bitget USDT-Ⓜ Futures, Bitget Coin-Ⓜ Futures, Bitget One-Click Copy Trade, Bitget Spot Trading and so much more. With more than 8 million users from 100+ countries, we are proud to be the one trusted assistant on your crypto journey.

Learn more about Bitget here: Bitget In A Nutshell and Crypto’s Epitome Of Credibility: Bitget

Why Bitget Innovation Zone?

Users, especially the novice, often shy away from trading the native token of new crypto projects because (i) some projects are listed on decentralised exchanges only, thus requiring some familiarity with the space, and (ii) there are many risks involved with trading unvetted tokens. Bitget Innovation Zone is able to solve these two problems at the same time: less knowledge is needed to begin trading on Bitget and we already connect with founders as well as review their projects before listing their tokens. Bitget Innovation Zone also serves as a reminder for traders: the tokens listed here have higher volatility!

From a founder’s perspective, Bitget Innovation Zone is the perfect way to attract more users (thanks to our user base and our network of over 100,000 influencers). A great opportunity to promote their projects indeed.

To get more information about Bitget Innovation Zone, please refer to this article.

Why upgrade now?

Remember the abysmal bear market of 2022? A lot of projects had to postpone their development plan due to market situations, but BTC back to $20,000 is bringing back the light. There is no better time to support builders - we are at the very beginning of a new cycle.

Before the upgrade, Bitget Innovation Zone has been home to multiple fan tokens and one of the first exchanges to list MOON - the official cryptocurrency of Reddit’s r/Cryptocurrency.

Is Bitget Innovation Zone limited to a certain group of users?

Bitget Innovation Zone is available for all users. For traders-to-be, we recommend that you ask yourself the following questions before trading in Bitget Innovation Zone:

• Do you know how to do a fundamental analysis? Here’s our tip on the topic: A Guide To Cryptocurrency Fundamental Analysis

• Can you bear the losses that could incur to your principal capital (sometimes over 50%) in extreme cases?

• Can you take responsibility for your investment decisions?

If your answers to these three questions are YES, then welcome to the innovative club!

What can I expect from trading in the Bitget Innovation Zone?

High risk does not guarantee high return, but with the exclusive listings on Bitget Innovation Zone, there are always chances that you can leverage your first-mover advantage for a big fat bag of profits! And of course, less risks and hassles for Bitget users!

Don’t forget that new tokens are added to Bitget Innovation Zone every week, so gaining opportunities never run out - you simply need to pay attention!

One more key advantage: Bitget ecosystem is made of staple CeFi (centralised finance) and a wide variety of DeFi (decentralised finance) services! Make sure to subscribe to our official Twitter to not miss a chance to put your tokens to work: Bitget Global

New Listings In Bitget Innovation Zone This Week

To kick start the celebration of Bitget Innovation Zone’s comeback, we have listed 15 trading pairs from February 07 to February 09, which equals to an average of 5 new listings per day!

Now, let’s see which exclusive listings we’ve got so far:

SingularityNET (AGIX): Live on February 07, 2023

SingularityNET’s mission is to create an Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) that can be applied to finance, robotics, biomedical AI, media, arts and entertainment. The founders already have years of experience in AI and robotics, and they are supported by experts in banking, blockchain and mathematics.


Image Generation AI (IMGNAI): Live on February 07, 2023

Lying at the core of Image Generation AI is a bot that generates images from texts. Called NAI, this bot is powered by AI technology and blockchain tech.


Alethea AI (ALI): Live on February 07, 2023

Backed by Mark Cuban himself and several crypto leaders, Alethea AI is expected to be the great rival to ChatGPT. The studio, which specialises in Generative AI and blockchain technology, aims to bring about ‘decentralised ownership and democratic governance’ of artificial intelligence.


Oraichain (ORAI): Live on February 07, 2023

The first oracle network focusing on AI, Oraichain already has a thriving ecosystem with a Metaverse and dApps for NFT authenticity verifying services, yield aggregator, data intelligence, decentralised exchange, AI marketplace, NFT minting.


Future AI (AI): Live on February 07, 2023

Future AI is an AI-powered decentralised, non-custodial wallet protocol that provides social network and character creating bots for users.


Trident (PSI): Live on February 07, 2023

Trident is the first GameFi protocol to introduce the Risk-To-Earn model. Its games are built on Arbitrum and ‘always’ free to play.


Radian Capital (RDNT): Live on February 08, 2023

Radian Capital is a money market native to Aribitrum and allows for cross-chain lending borrowing. It is currently one of the best projects on Arbitrum in terms of active user accounts and TVL (total value locked).


Camelot (GRAIL): Live on February 08, 2023

Camelot and Grail, do you see the theme? The Camelot team is on a quest to design the Holy Grail for DEX liquidity and yield farming.


Arbinu (ARBINU): Live on February 08, 2023

The doggo has come to Arbitrum with the inception of ArbInu. This memecoin represents the power of a blue Shiba Inu army - it is 100% community-driven.


Zyberswap (ZYB): Live on February 08, 2023

Low fees and community-driven are the two distinct attributes of Zyberswap. It ranks in the Top 10 projects on Arbitrum with $66.1 million in TVL.


Core DAO (CORE): Live on February 08, 2023

Core DAO introduces a new consensus named Satoshi Plus that takes advantage of the existing Proof Of Work (PoW) and Delegated Proof Of Stake (DPoS) to solve the blockchain trilemma (security, decentralisation and scalability).

Dopex (DPX): Live on February 09, 2023

Dopex brings decentralised option trading to Arbitrum, Polygon, Ethereum, BNB Chain and Avalanche. It currently has $300 million in all-time open interest and $55.7 million in TVL.


PlutusDAO (PLS): Live on February 09, 2023

Also Arbitrum native, PlutusDAO offers governance aggregation to bring maximum liquidity and rewards for users. Plutus’ partners include Dopex, Jones, GMX and Sperax, among others.


CryptoAI (CAI): Live on February 09, 2023

CryptoAI takes the AI quest to the next level with several blockchain-powered services such as prize paying bots, crypto buying bots, messaging bots and tweet tracking bots.


Botto (BOTTO): Live on February 09, 2023

Botto is a new generation artist that makes its own works and receives feedback from the BottoDAO to improve the aesthetics.


Still hangry? More to come to Bitget Innovation Zone today:


JonesDAO is a decentralised option trading protocol made for institutional governments.

Buffer Finance (BFR):

Buffer Finance is the first Arbitrum option trading protocol with its own NFT collection, Optopi.

Thena (THENA):

Thena is a native liquidity layer and AMM on the BNB Chain.

Bitgert (BRISE):

Bitgert proposes a new Layer 1 solution with zero gas fee.

Best Performers Of The Week (Or Why Bitget Innovation Zone Is Awesome)

If you are a keen audience of our Bitget Bites series, you’ll already see some familiar names in the daily top gainers: PSIUSDT (+52.47% on February 08), COREUSDT (+15,239.67% on February 09), ARBINUUSDT (+367.24% on February 09), BOTTOUSDT (+187.50% on February 10), AIUSDT (+65.99% on February 10) and CAI (+40.91% on February 10).

On the last day of this exciting week, let’s take a look at the best performers in Bitget Innovation Zone:


The incredible surge of Top 1 and Top 2 are definitely fueled by the success of ChatGPT, especially with BOTTO being a unique AI art creator/art management platform. Ranked 3rd is of course ARBINU - we do not expect any less from our doggo army!

These exclusive listings have given our risk takers some real good investment options in a real short time frame (24H or 72H), and that’s how we know Bitget Innovation Zone will be of great meaning for both sides of the equation (users and projects and other stakeholders as well).

We hope that you do not feel bad missing out on these bad boys, because more amazing opportunities are coming in the following weeks! We are committed to building a better digital space, and that won’t come true without the prosperity of projects and investors. The very first thing you need to do is to create your Bitget account here and subscribe to our official channels (make sure you turn on the notifications) to stay ahead of the packs:

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