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Deposit to List: Carbon Browser (CSIX) - Deposit and Share $25,000 CSIX Rewards!

Global Bitgetters,

Greetings from Bitget! We are excited to announce another Deposit to list Campaign with the featured project: Carbon Browser (CSIX)! Show your support by depositing $CSIX and not only will you be supporting Carbon Browser’s listing on Bitget, you’ll also be entitled to share from a massive prize pool of $25,000 in CSIX!

Bitget has decided to extend the campaign period from April 14, 11 AM - April 21, 11 AM (UTC). Users who have already participated in the Deposit to List Campaign, will still be eligible for rewards/compensation which will be distributed upon completion of the campaigns second leg. Please note that during this period, withdrawals will remain shut, and shall be opened after the campaign has fully concluded. Read on for more details:

Deposit time: 28th March, 11 AM

Campaign Period: April 14, 11 AM - April 21, 11 AM (UTC)

Deposit and Earn - $25,000 in CSIX Rewards

Users who deposit a net amount of not less than $100 in CSIX can enjoy a reward of $25,000 in CSIX airdrops.

*If CSIX liquidity requirements fail to be met, all deposits will be refunded. And participants can get an extra 5% cashback of their total deposit amount. The maximum individual extra refund is capped at $50 in CSIX.


Carbon is a free and open-source web browser developed by Carbon X Labs based on a custom fork of the Chromium web browser and its powerful Blink engine.

Contract Address (BEP-20): 0x04756126F044634C9a0f0E985e60c88a51ACC206

Website | Twitter | Telegram


Cryptocurrencies are subjected to high market risk and volatility despite high growth potential. Users are strongly advised to do their research and invest at their own risk.

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