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Bitget Risk Disclosure Statement

Dear Global Bitgetters,

To protect your interest, please be aware that the cryptocurrency market involves vast risks and you should constantly assess your risk tolerance carefully before entering into any crypto trading activities.

If you want to trade on Bitget, you must:

(1) Be a valid Bitget user (hereinafter referred to as the User) who has completed KYC verification. Otherwise, you may not be able to use Bitget services such as Spot, OTC, Derivatives, and coin vote.

(2) Link your Bitget account to your mobile phone or Google Authenticator.

(3) Keep your account and password in a safe manner, and do not ask others to manage your account or share your account and password with anyone else. Otherwise, any loss arising therefrom will be borne by yourself.

(4) Bitget users may face the following risks:

(a) Policy risks: Bitget users may suffer losses if their crypto trading violates any applicable laws or regulations in the jurisdiction.

(b) Compliance risks: Bitget users may suffer losses if their crypto trading violates any applicable laws or regulations in the jurisdiction.

(c) Return on investment: The crypto market is unique in that it will not be closed during large price swings. Users may suffer losses in the market.

(d) Trading risk: Your successful transfer is subject to the mutual consent of the parties to the transfer, and Bitget does not undertake or guarantee any successful transfer.

(e) Force majeure risk: In the event of unforeseen, unavoidable and irresistible circumstances such as natural disasters, war, strikes, network attacks, etc., Bitget may not be able to operate normally, which may cause damage to users. Bitget shall not be liable for such losses caused by force majeure.

(f) Delisting risk: In the event that a crypto project owner faces bankruptcy, liquidation and dissolution, or violates laws and regulations of the jurisdiction, or as required by the project owner, Bitget may delist the cryptocurrency of a project, which may result in losses to users.

(g) Technical risk: The possibility of a technical failure during cryptocurrency transactions is remote but non-excludable. In the event of such an event, the interests of users may be affected.

(h) Operational risk: Users may be exposed to risks due to operational errors, such as transferring to the wrong account, violating any operational norm, etc.

(i) Risk of account freezing: The user's account may be frozen or forcibly confiscated by judicial authorities due to default on debt or suspected crime.

Bitget is not allowed to:

1. Engage in money laundering, counterfeit transactions, illegal fundraising or fraud. Using another person's identity for registration is an outlawed offense and any deliberate concealment or fraud in KYC is not permitted. Otherwise, Bitget reserves the right to freeze or terminate the accounts of users suspected of such misconduct or to hide their crypto- digital assets.

2. This Risk Alert does not reflect the entire nature of the cryptocurrency market. There are many other unlisted factors of risk and monetary loss. Therefore it is important that you read and fully understand the relevant trading rules, promotions and related agreements, as well as this Risk Alert, and ensure that you have made an adequate risk assessment and financial arrangements before trading cryptocurrencies to avoid unbearable losses.

3. Trading on Bitget is at the user's own risk. Bitget does not in any way promise that users who trade on Bitget will not suffer any losses.

User undertaking:

As a Bitget user, you undertake never to violate the national laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China, the Republic of Singapore and the user's country of origin (registered place of residence). If you, as a user, violate laws and regulations, or if your actions trigger Bitget's risk control mechanisms (including but not limited to abnormal logins, incorrect transaction amounts, buy high or sell low, large fiat withdrawals, and other abnormal transactions), you (the user), agree that Bitget has the right to freeze or terminate your account and hold you liable. Any loss or legal responsibility arising therefrom will be borne by you (the user).

Tips: By clicking to agree to this Risk Alert, you are deemed to understand and be willing to bear the potential risks and losses of crypto trading. Bitget is not obligated to refund the principal and interest of your invested crypto or assume other responsibility.

Bitget Team

May 23, 2022

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