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Bitget Will List API3 (API3) in the Innovation and DeFi Zone

We are thrilled to announce that API3 (API3) will be listed in the Innovation and DeFi Zone. Check out the details below:

Innovation Zone:

Bitget Innovation Zone is mainly for trending tokens (initial) listing. A 60-day valuation period will be given for all the newly listed pairs in the zone. Trading pairs will be delisted if the trading pairs do not meet the criteria (eg: Market Depth).

Deposit Available: Opened

Trading Available: 30th January 2024, 9:00 (UTC)

Withdrawal Available: 31st January 2024, 10:00 (UTC)

Spot Trading Link: API3/USDT

Spot Grid Trading Link: API3/USDT

Fee Schedule: API3

Price Market Data: API3

Buy Crypto - Buy crypto with your credit/debit cards, bank transfer and other payment methods for multiple currencies such as USD, EUR, GBP, and BRL etc


API3 builds solutions that bridge the gap between off-chain data and on-chain applications with maximum security and minimal latency.

Contract Address (ERC-20) : 0x0b38210ea11411557c13457D4dA7dC6ea731B88a

How to Buy API3 on Bitget

API3 to FIAT Calculator

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