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Bitget copy trading updates: elite trader badges

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Bitget has launched elite trader badges, a series of exclusive and personalized badges to showcase the achievements of each elite trader and to recognize their growth and contribution to Bitget. For followers, badges also provide a more intuitive and clear understanding of the achievements and honors of each elite trader, helping them in making informed decisions. Stay tuned for more!

* Elite trader badges have been launched on the Bitget website and Android app. Make sure you update your app to check them out! iOS users will need to wait for the v2.14.0 update — stay tuned!


Bitget Academy:

What are elite trader badges?

There are 4 kinds of elite trader badges: expert badges, newcomer badges, activity badges, and achievement badges. Badges are unique identifiers for trading experts, and those who have them can proudly display their achievements and honors.

How can elite traders get these badges?

Elite traders can get these badges by meeting certain conditions. Specifically, elite traders will be rewarded with appropriate badges upon completing certain elite trading tasks. Elite traders who make elite futures trades and elite spot trades will have two distinct set of badges.

Listed below are the badge names available and the conditions for obtaining each of them:




Expert badges The Power Player Top 20 in trading volume
The Money Maker Top 20 in total profit
The Money Magnet Top 20 in ROI
The Persistent Performer Top 20 in number of trades
The Consistent Winner Top 20 in win rate
The Copycat Captain Top 20 in followers
The Profitable Leader Top 20 in follower profits
The Navigation Leader Top 20 in copy trading volume
The Copycat Master Top 20 in copy trades
Newcomer badges The Emerging Talent Top 50 new elite trader
Activity badges One-Week Milestone Trade for 7 days in a row
One-Month Milestone Trade for 30 days in a row
Achievement badges The Consistent Gainer Futures: Number of trades over the last seven days exceeds 30
Spot: Number of trades over the last seven days exceeds 10
The Hardcore Trader Futures: Total trading volume exceeds 100,000 USDT
Spot: Total trading volume exceeds 30,000 USDT
The Relentless Expert Number of trading days (applies to both opening and closing positions) reaches 30 days
The Dominant Winner Futures: ROI is greater than 2000%
Spot: ROI is greater than 200%
The Popular Expert Futures: Number of total followers reaches 1,000
Spot: Number of total followers reaches 500
The Winning Partner Futures: Total follower profits reach 100,000 USDT
Spot: Total follower profits reach 20,000 USDT
The Ace Trader Futures: Current number of followers is greater than 500
Spot: Current number of followers is greater than 200

When will the badges be updated?

The assessment of badges will be updated weekly. Every Monday at 6:00 AM (UTC+8), trading experts will be evaluated against the badge criteria, and badges will be updated accordingly. Only those who meet the criteria will have their badges illuminated. Once the a badge is illuminated, it will remain active for one week until 6:00 AM (UTC+8) the next Monday. During this period, the badge belongs to the elite traders and can be shared or displayed on their profiles or homepages, among other options.

How do I view, wear, and share badges?

1. Viewing:

To view all your badges, visit Profile > Badge.

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2. Wearing:

You can choose to wear your preferred badge and display it on your elite trader page. Only ONE badge can be displayed.

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3. Sharing:

You can choose a badge and generate a sharable poster. Up to ONE badge can be shared.

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Terms and conditions:

1. Elite trader badges may be adjusted as needed, and all changes will be announced.

2. If the system detects malicious trading or if followers file a confirmed lawsuit against an elite trader, badges will be deactivated.

3. All participating elite traders must strictly comply with Bitget's terms and conditions.

4. Bitget reserves the right to modify the badge terms or revoke badges at any time and for any reason without prior notice at its sole discretion.

5. Bitget reserves the right for the final decision on this clause. For further assistance, please contact our customer service.

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