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Copy trading weekly: June 6, 2023

We will provide a review about new features, new tokens and new promotions for the previous week on each Tuesday to keep you, our traders and followers, informed about what's new about Bitget's copy trading. We are dedicated to providing you with better products and services! Thank you for supporting Bitget.

Below are the Bitget copy trading news from May 29, 2023 to June 4, 2023 (UTC+8)

I New copy trading pairs

To improve the user experience, Bitget introduced the following new Futures Copy Trading pairs: KEYUSDT, SLPUSDT. We also introduced the following new Spot Copy Trading pairs: BEN/USDT, STETH/USDT, CAPO/USDT, EURT/USDT, PIP/USDT, FLUX/USDT. Copy trades of new pairs, unlock US$21,000 in USDT now!

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II New features

  • We optimized the application process for elite traders: The system will check if the applicant has met all application requirements. If not, the applicant will be guided to complete the required steps before proceeding.

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  • We added the feature of elite trader’s list display status: Elite traders can now view their List display status in Personal settings. They are either Displayed or Not displayed depending on whether they have met all the requirements. If not, they will not be displayed nor can users find them in search results. If you meet all of the above requirements but are not displayed on the elite trader list, contact customer service.

III Hot promotions

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