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Bitget x PandaFarm Launchpad: Revved Up & Ready for Launch

Global Bitgetters,

The long awaited moment is finally here! We are proud to unveil the relaunch of our highly anticipated Launchpad! What better way to kick off the year than with our first project: PandaFarm.

Project Introduction

PandaFarm is the first completely decentralized GameFi project to go public, running on Arbitrum. BBO is the token of the panda ecosystem based on the blockchain. It can be used as a medium for adopting pandas, exchanging pandas, participating in games and using advanced functions in the PandaFarm.

Official Website | Whitepaper | Twitter | Discord

Head over to the Research Report to learn more.

Details on the BBO Launchpad:

Project Name: PandaFarm (BBO)

Total Supply: 100,000,000 BBO

Total Launchpad Allocation: 1,000,000 BBO

Total Winning Tickets: 2,500 Tickets

Each Winning Ticket Contains: 400 BBO

Sale Price: 1 BBO = $0.05 (price in BGB will be announced prior to Exchange Period)

Entry Method: Hold BGB Earn

  1. How to Participate?

Register for the Launchpad starting from February 16, 11 AM (UTC) to be eligible for participation in the token sale.

  1. How to Get Lottery Tickets?

Tickets can be earned between February 16, 11 AM to February 19, 11 AM (UTC). Hold BGB to earn tickets based on your daily average holdings. To calculate your ticket eligibility, a snapshot of your spot account will be taken daily at a random time to determine your daily average BGB holdings.

Your Average BGB Holding Amount

Lottery Ticket(s)

100 ~ 500 BGB

1 ticket

501 ~ 2,000 BGB

2 tickets

2,001 ~ 10,000 BGB

5 tickets

10,001 BGB ~ 30,000 BGB

10 tickets


i) BGB in your Futures, Copy-Trading, Margin, Earn, Launchpool, P2P and Trading Bonus account will be excluded from the calculation.

ii) Daily Average BGB Holdings = Sum of daily BGB average in spot account

e/g: Bob holds 300 BGB, 300 BGB and 1,000 BGB on three respective days. Bob’s average BGB holding amount will be calculated as (300 BGB + 300 BGB + 1,000 BGB) / 3 days = 533.33 BGB. Therefore, Bob will get 2 tickets.

iii) Daily snapshots will occur at random times.

iv) Pending orders are included in the calculations.

v) Capped at 10 tickets per user.

  1. What do I do during the Exchange Period?

Stack up on some BGB and sit back to relax while we work on the nitty-gritty details. We will be revealing the lottery results on February 19, 1 PM (UTC).

If you hold winning tickets, you can exchange BGB for equal value of BBO between the exchange window of February 19, 1 PM to February 20, 11 AM (UTC) on the Launchpad page.

  1. Are there any rewards I can get for participating?

Of course! To sweeten the deal, check out the additional promotion we are offering for all Launchpad participants here:

- Launch into Fortune

Psst, while we’re on the “Launch” topic.. All users that register for BBO Launchpad can share 10% rewards of the next Launchpool’s allocations equally. Stay tuned for our upcoming Launchpool where you can build your wealth for free.

  1. When will BBO/USDT spot trading go live?

BBO/USDT is scheduled to go live on Bitget Spot and Spot Grid trading on February 20, 12 PM (UTC).

Buckle up for the launch!

Terms Conditions:

  1. A snapshot will be taken at a random time during the Launchpad period. Withdrawals during the event might affect data recording and result in a decrease in tickets.

  2. Participants must complete Identity Verification (KYC) to be eligible for the event.

  3. Users who are KYC verified in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macao are not allowed to participate.

  4. Bitget reserves the right of final interpretation of this event. If any malicious behaviour or exploitation of platform vulnerability is found, Bitget reserves the right to handle the user's account and assets.


Cryptocurrencies are subjected to high market risk and volatility despite high growth potential. Users are strongly advised to do their due diligence and invest at their own risk.