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Panda Farm (BBO)

Panda Farm (BBO)

Key metrics (as of February 16th 2023)

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What is PandaFarm (BBO)?

Panda Farm is the first fully on-chain GameFi project, running on Arbitrum. It aims to build fully on-chain game metaverse on Arbitrum.

Users can earn money from the prize pool while participating in each game and competition. The first game on the farm was the Foodies Competition. Project team will continue to create new games and expand the Panda ecosystem.

What makes PandaFarm (BBO) unique?

Project team created unique algorithms for each game, which will be activated automatically by the contract. Panda Farm's smart contracts are decentralized, and all game data can be viewed on the chain.

Introduction to Panda Games

Panda Farm is a GameFi game built on the Arbitrum network. To join Panda Farm, you first need to purchase unique-looking pandas and then participate in various competitions in Panda Land, a blockchain-based game ecosystem. There are many gameplay options in Panda Farm, such as matchmaking games, nurturing games, and panda home cultivation, and players can earn BBO tokens in Panda Land.

Understanding Panda NFTs

Each Panda NFT is a unique representation of a panda in the game and there are a total of 4022 Panda NFTs issued, which will never be created again.

The NFTs have 8 basic attributes, including weight, agility, strength, stamina, molar strength, eyesight, digestive ability, and claw sharpness. The values of these 8 attributes are randomly generated during the NFT casting process.

Different types of games in Panda Farm consume different values of these attributes, for example, participating in a big appetite competition will consume digestive ability, claw sharpness, stamina, and molar strength, but will increase the experience value. The consumed attributes can be repaired through the hospital, gym, or by purchasing props to enhance combat power.

There is also a 5% chance of obtaining a props NFT during the adoption process. These props NFTs come in the form of tools such as hammers, protective gear, glasses, knives, sunny weather, thunderstorms, juicers, and bamboo shoot peelers. These props NFTs can enhance the attributes of pandas, making it easier for them to win in games or reduce the win rate of opponents temporarily.

How to Get Started with Play to Earn

- Game 1: Big Appetite Game

The Big Appetite Game is a competition that tests the eating abilities of pandas, and the one with the best digestive power wins. Players select the panda they want to participate with and invest any ETH into the prize pool on Arbitrum. The game begins when 10 pandas are selected to participate. The results are calculated through an algorithm using the panda's molar strength, digestibility, stamina, and claw sharpness attributes. The first place wins 50% of the prize pool, the second place wins 30%, the third place wins 10%, and the remaining 10% rolls over to the next round. Pandas can participate in the competition at any time and each panda can participate multiple times. Participating in the game will increase the panda's experience value, but also randomly consume its molar strength, digestive ability, stamina, and claw sharpness attributes. If the attributes decrease to a certain level, the panda can no longer participate and must visit the hospital, gym, or restaurant to restore its attributes.

- Game 2: Bamboo Eating Contest

The Bamboo Eating Contest is a competition where a group of pandas shares bamboo and the fastest-eating panda wins. Players must invest at least 10 BBOs as an entry ticket and the winning panda splits the prize pool. The prize pool is made up of the BBO invested by the participating players. Each round of the contest will increase the panda's experience by 1, but will also randomly decrease its molar strength, digestive ability, and claw sharpness by 0-3, and randomly increase its height and weight by 0-3. The consumed attribute values can be repaired in the hospital equipped with stomatology and internal medicine. The gym can also be used to improve the strength attribute value, but each visit costs 40 BBO. Before the race, pandas can also purchase props from the store to temporarily enhance their attributes, but these props will be destroyed after the race.

- Game 3: Panda Climbing Tree Competition

Panda Climbing Tree Competition is a multiplayer game where players share a prize pool. The prize pool comes from the BBO invested by participating players, which goes to the players who participate in the game and win prizes. At the beginning of the game, players hold panda NFTs as admission tickets. It costs 10 BBO to participate in a competition. After the game starts, the system calculates the current three players’ competition results based on the attributes of the participating panda NFTs: height and weight a, strength b, endurance c, experienced, vision e, claw sharpness f, and random values in the game. The first panda NFT that climbs the tree the highest wins the prize.

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What is PandaFarm's (BBO) roadmap?

- 2021 Q4 Completed

1) Design the Panda Farm conception and construction.

2) Develop the official website and create social media accounts.

3) Launch Panda NFT and Panda Games on Arbitrum.

4) Public sale of Panda NFT.

- 2022 Q1 Q2 Completed

1) Connect to more public chain ecosystems, such as ARB/ETH/BSC (including EVM).

2) Launch Panda Climbing Game and Foodie Competition.

3) Improve the daily tasks of the pandas.

- 2022 Q3 Q4 Completed

1) Expand the reproduction of the next generation of pandas.

2) Optimize the dimensions of the market and develop external business collaborations.

- 2023 Q1 Now

1) Initiate the launch plan of Bamboo Token.

2) Establish a game studio, build an animal kingdom, and design a cross-kingdom game scene.

- 2023 q2 Developing

The team will create a VR version of the Game: metapanda

PandaFarm (BBO) revenue streams

The PanfaFarm’s revenues are derived from three primary sources:

- Revenues from the Panda NFT minting activity;

- Providing services to realize the value of $BBO;

- Shared revenues from building the PandaFarm metaverse;

What is PandaFarm's (BBO) marketing strategy?

1) Expand the Panda Farm ecosystem by creating new games and campaigns for users.

2) Establish critical partnerships and collaboration with Arbitrum builders.

What are PandaFarm (BBO) tokenomics?

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