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Spot Maintenance

Notice of Suspension for KAS Deposit and Withdrawal
2023-09-27 22:36
Announcement on Suspension of EDU-BEP20 Network Withdrawal Services
2023-09-26 14:13
Announcement on Resumption of KAS Deposit and Withdrawal Services
2023-09-26 13:48
Announcement on Resumption of NEO Deposit and Withdrawal Services
2023-09-25 21:56
Announcement on Resumption of GLMR Network Withdrawal Services
2023-09-25 21:31
Notice of Suspension for EVMOS Deposit and Withdrawal
2023-09-25 20:38
Notice of Suspension for KAS Deposit and Withdrawal
2023-09-25 18:07
Announcement on Suspension of GLMR-Moonbeam Network Withdrawal Services
2023-09-25 16:21
Announcement on Suspension of ETHF Network Withdrawal Services
2023-09-22 19:09
Notice of Suspension for NEO Deposit and Withdrawal
2023-09-21 22:59
Announcement on Resumption of CANTO Deposit and Withdrawal Services
2023-09-21 18:57
Announcement on Resumption of ETH-zkSync Era Deposit Services
2023-09-21 13:02
Bitget Announcement on Maintenance of TEST/USDT Spot Trading Pair
2023-09-21 10:48
Notice of Suspension for CANTO Deposit and Withdrawal
2023-09-21 10:18
Bitget Will Support the Lybra Finance (LBR) Token Migration
2023-09-19 21:43
Announcement on Suspension of XCAD-XCAD Network Withdrawal Services
2023-09-19 17:54
Announcement on Suspension of LAI-BEP20 Network Withdrawal Services
2023-09-19 17:21
Announcement on Suspension of LBR-ERC20 Network Withdrawal Services
2023-09-19 11:48
Announcement on Resumption of TENET Deposit and Withdrawal Services
2023-09-18 11:56
Announcement on Suspension of XLM Network Withdrawal Services
2023-09-17 17:20