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Bitget updates BGB deduction policy: shifts from spot margin accounts to cross margin accounts

Starting from June 6, 2024 (UTC+8), BGB deductions made from spot accounts will be switched to cross margin accounts. If you enable the BGB Fee Discount feature, fees incurred from margin trading will be paid using BGB held in your cross margin account. If you wish to enjoy the transaction fee deduction and related discounts while spot margin trading, you will need to transfer BGB to your cross margin account.

Notice: Currently, BGB assets in cross margin accounts are used solely for transaction fees and cannot be used as margin for cross margin trading or for repayments, nor are they included in risk ratio calculations. If users successfully use BGB to deduct transaction fees from margin trading, details of the fee deductions can be found in the transaction history of the cross margin account.

Introduction to the BGB deduction feature for spot margin transaction fees
When conducting spot margin trades, you can receive a 20% discount on transaction fees by paying with BGB in your cross margin account. If the BGB in your cross margin account is insufficient, fees will be fully paid in the trading coin.

How to enable the feature
Website: Margin > VIP > Activate BGB Fee Discount: 20%.
App: Tap the grid menu in the top left corner > Profile > Trading > Activate Use BGB to Offset Fees.

Thank you for your support and understanding!

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