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Bitget TraderPro: Mainstream coin trading challenge season 2 – Real-trading account distribution rules

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As the eagerly anticipated season 2 of Bitget TraderPro is about to commence, we are thrilled to share with you the upcoming highlights! To ensure fairness and transparency in the competition, and to create a challenging yet equitable environment, we hereby announce the detailed rules for the distribution of real-trading accounts for this season.

First, let's take a moment to reminisce about season 1, where we witnessed the emergence of many master traders, whose skills were truly admirable. Continuing in this spirit, season 2 will provide 50 real-trading accounts, distributed in 5 batches, with 10 accounts per batch.For the detailed distribution schedule and further information, refer to Bitget TraderPro season 2: Mainstream coin trading challenge – Process and rules.

This season, we are dedicated to implementing more transparent rules, enabling contestants to participate with clear objectives and significantly enhancing their chances of securing a real-trading account. All participants' scores will be fairly assessed, and rankings will be updated throughout the season. This process ensures that the top 50 performers can distinguish themselves and become exclusive elite traders of the Bitget TraderPro, witnessed by all contestants.

The following scoring mechanism will be used to identify the top contestants:

1. Data indicator dimension score (out of 100):

Participants will be evaluated based on three metrics: ROI, win rate, and maximum drawdown.

Example formula:

ROI * 60 + Win Rate * 40 - Maximum Drawdown * 100

Suppose a contestant's ROI is 80%, win rate is 80%, and maximum drawdown is 20%, their score would be calculated as follows:

(0.8 * 60 + 0.8 * 40 - 0.2 * 100) = 60

*Note: In special cases where a contestant's ROI exceeds 100%, the actual calculated score may surpass 100 points. However, the final score will be capped at 100 points. This means that regardless of how high a contestant's ROI may be, the maximum score achievable in this rating system is capped at 100 points.

2. Bonus points:

To provide every contestant with an opportunity to enhance their score through additional efforts, we offer the following bonus opportunities:

a. Extra points for social media or community promotion:

Promote the Bitget TraderPro on your preferred social media platforms (e.g., X, Facebook, Instagram) or communities (Telegram, Line, WhatsApp, Discord, etc.).

Detailed requirements:

Social media promotion: Your post needs to receive at least 800 interactions (likes, comments, shares, etc.).

Community promotion: Your group post must receive at least 300 interactions (likes, emoji reactions, etc.).

b. Extra points for quality account management plans:

Submit a plan for managing your account after becoming an exclusive elite trader of Bitget TraderPro. The plan should cover strategies for social media, community, Insights, or other channels.

Based on Bitget's official evaluation, you can earn up to 15 extra points depending on the quality of your plan.

c. Submission and verification process:

Submit your social media or community promotion evidence (screenshots, etc.) and your account management plan to our official email at .

Our team will review your submission and award extra points based on the qualifying interaction volume and plan quality.

We encourage every contestant to utilize these extra point opportunities, not only to enhance their competitiveness in the competition but also to boost their social influence and visibility. Looking forward to your outstanding performance!

Fraudulent behavior policy and handling:

We emphasize the fairness of the competition. Any fraudulent behavior, including but not limited to the use of illegal software or manipulation of trading results, will lead to immediate disqualification and forfeiture of the chance to receive a real trading account.

Encouragement for newcomers:

We welcome traders of all levels to participate in this promotion. Whether you are an experienced trader or a beginner, as long as you have passion and diligence, you can stand out in the Bitget TraderPro program. We encourage newcomers to proactively learn and use this promotion as an opportunity to improve their trading skills.

We sincerely invite you to join this challenge, showcase your trading talents, and witness the brilliance of the Bitget TraderPro Season 2 program. We look forward to advancing hand in hand with every trader who aspires to improve themselves and help our platform progress.

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