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Announcement on adjustment of leverage for the Bitget TraderPro program

As we closely monitor users' performance and feedback in the Bitget TraderPro program, we have noticed that many users face challenges in maintaining account compliance and trading risk management. To provide a better trading environment and user experience, we will cap the leverage of Bitget TraderPro accounts at 10X, effective from January 5, 2024. Rest assured that this adjustment will not affect users who have already reached their trading goals.

We believe this adjustment will support and encourage every user, especially those aspiring to become elite traders, to succeed in their goals. As always, we are very grateful for the continued support and trust users have placed in the Bitget TraderPro program. We look forward to working with all of you on more exciting opportunities and challenges. Stay tuned for the latest news, and let's grow together for a better future!

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