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Bitget Copy Trading Updates: TraderPro Program

Bitget Copy Trading Updates: TraderPro Program image 0

Bitget has launched the TraderPro program to give talented users the opportunity and incentives to become elite traders. The TraderPro program has generous rewards for high performers and is divided into two phases:

TraderPro challenge phase: Users join the TraderPro demo trading challenge and win by reaching certain goals.

Elite trader phase: Users who win the challenge will become verified elite traders and receive funds to start making elite trades.

1. What is the TraderPro program?

The Bitget TraderPro program is designed to find the most outstanding demo trading users to become elite traders on our platform. High performers in the TraderPro program will each receive an elite trader account with 10,000 USDT of elite trading funds. In addition to trading profits, you will also be able to grab a share of your followers' profits! Users who stand out in the TraderPro program will also be highlighted in exclusive recommendation slots and labeled with special badges. Looking for more attention and recognition? Join the TraderPro program now!

2. Why should I participate in the TraderPro program?

a. Limited-time free entry: Early birds can register for free.

b. Zero investment: Demo trading will not cost you any real money.

c. Challenge for the grand prize: Win the challenge and get 10,000 USDT for elite trades.

d. Dual profits: In addition to trading profits, winners of the challenge will also start to earn a share of their followers' profits (up to 90%).

e. Huge exposure: You can become a verified elite trader, unlock exclusive recommendation slots, and gain global exposure and popularity.

3. How do I know if I'm eligible to join the TraderPro program?

There are only two entry requirements for the TraderPro program:

a. You must not be an elite trader.

b. You must participate with your main account.

Anyone eager to learn is welcome to join!

4. How do I participate in the TraderPro program? Where can I find the detailed rules?

Check out this announcement: TraderPro program registration and participation process.

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