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[Wealthy Tuesday] #16- earn up to 30% APR with USDT, ETH, DOT...

[Wealthy Tuesday] #16- earn up to 30% APR with USDT, ETH, DOT... image 0

Bitget will launch the new phase of "Bitget Wealthy Tuesday" on November 21, 2023, at 8 AM (UTC).

"Bitget Wealthy Tuesday" is a series of high-yield events introduced by Bitget to appreciate both new and existing users for their support. We will release a new phase of the event every Tuesday at 8 AM (UTC). Stay tuned for more updates!

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Event period: Every Tuesday, 8 AM (UTC)

Campaign 1: Subscribe and earn up to 30% APR



Reward APR

Term (days)

Personal Quota

5% 14 500,000
ADF Savings 30% 7 200
CYBER Savings 8% 14 3,000
DOT Savings 9% 14 50,000
KSM Savings 6% 7 2,000
4%-5% Flexible
2.5% Flexible
20% Flexible

*The actual APR of the product is subject to the information displayed on the page.

Campaign 2: Everyone counts! Shares 20,000 BGB 10% APR coupon reward.

Every user who subscribes to any product in Shark Fin, Dual Investment, Smart Trend, Snowball and Range Sniper for the first time with any investment amount will share 20,000 BGB rewards. Among them, VIP users whose investment is ≥ $1,000 (calculated in USD value) can get a 10% APR reward coupon each.

More Options from Bitget Earn

Big Upgrade to Dual Investment >>>

Subscribe Dual Investment and earn up to 300% APR!

Smart Trend upgrades guaranteed APR to 4.5%! >>>

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Stake ETH to earn up to 5% ARR. Don't miss out!>>>

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Fixed-to-Flexible function Reminder

Your Fixed Savings subscription funds will be automatically transferred to Flexible Savings products, and continue to accrue interest after maturity. Put your idle funds to work and gain profits constantly!

How to Subscribe:

Site Navigation: Go to Navigation Bar > Earn > Savings, then search for the corresponding cryptocurrency to subscribe.
App Navigation: Go to Home > Earn > Savings, then search for the corresponding cryptocurrency to subscribe.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Users can view and manage Flexible Savings assets by going to Assets > Earn > Savings.

  • When users subscribe to an asset, the interest users earn starts being calculated from 4:00 PM UTC on the same day they subscribed (known as the value date). If they subscribe after 4:00 PM (UTC), interest calculation will begin the next day.

  • Daily interest will be calculated with this formula: Daily interest = Subscription amount x Current-day APR / 365

  • Redemption: Users can redeem their funds via the Redeem button at any time after the subscription. The principal will be returned to the user's spot account shortly after.

  • Still have questions? Check out the Bitget Flexible Savings User Guide and Bitget Fixed Savings User Guide for more details.


Cryptocurrencies are subject to high market risk and volatility despite high growth potential. Users are strongly advised to conduct their own research and invest at their own discretion.

Thank you for your interest in Bitget products!

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