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Bitget's first Recommend to List promotion is here!

Bitget's first Recommend to List promotion is here! image 0

To find high-quality blockchain projects around the world and facilitate their development, Bitget is now launching the first round of the new Recommend to List promotion.

How can I recommend a listing?

1. Use this form to submit the information about the project you are recommending.

2. The project with the highest number of recommendations will enter the review process.

3. Once approved, Bitget will contact the project team to discuss the listing process.

4. After the successful listing of the coin, users who made the recommendation will earn rewards.

How can I get rewards?

Reward 1: For recommending a project and having it successfully listed as one of the top ten recommended projects, each user will receive 100 USDT.

Reward 2: The first user who successfully recommends the a project can receive 3000 USDT and become the Chief Recommendation Officer in cooperation with Bitget.

Reward 3: Users who recommend projects (not limited to the first recommendation) and actively assist in communicating with project teams to strengthen partnerships, including community and marketing promotions, will receive a reward of 2000 USDT.

What are Bitget's project review criteria?

1. Project qualification and policy risks.

2. Project business model and market size.

3. Project token ecosystem development and overall allocation.

4. Project core team and investors.

5. Project community and marketing promotions.

6. Public disclosure of information on project product development.

Become a premium Chief Recommendation Officer!

Promotion rules:

Bitget reserves the right to the final interpretation of the terms and conditions of the promotion, including but not limited to amending, changing, or canceling the promotion without prior notice. Contact us if you have any questions.

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