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Bitget Builders 5th Anniversary Limited NFT Released: Co-building the Crypto Ecosystem with Bitget, Enjoying exclusive Benefits

Bitget Builders 5th Anniversary Limited NFT Released: Co-building the Crypto Ecosystem with Bitget, Enjoying exclusive Benefits image 0

Bitget Builders is a global crypto influencer program launched by Bitget. Bitget Builders will focus on the growth of startup channels in the crypto industry by providing personalized traffic support and growth plans for partner channels, incubating the next generation of crypto opinion leaders!
On the occasion of Bitget's 5th anniversary, we are releasing 40 limited edition NFTs for our core builders. Core Builders will be selected based on their contributions to improving Bitget's brand reputation, active participation in Bitget activities, enhancing product and service offerings, etc. Together, they will co-build the crypto ecosystem with Bitget and enjoy exclusive benefits.
Wroth noticing: These 40 NFTs are limited edition for the Bitget 5th anniversary. The Bitget Global Builders Program will release a total of 500 NFTs, and these 40 NFTs will be airdropped 1:1 for the new version of NFTs to core builders in the future.
Event Period: September 12th - October 12th,2023
Exclusive Benefits for Core Builders:
1. Weekly opportunities for receiving airdrops of new coins.
2. Super PASS Card.
3. 200 BGB redemption.
4. Premium merchandise.
Apply to Become a Bitget Builder:
1. If you have a passion for the crypto industry and a strong interest in crypto assets.
2. If you have at least 100 followers in your own community or on social media.
3. If you have been active in crypto industry communities or groups for an extended period.
Please fill out the form, and our business manager will discuss and confirm the details of cooperation with you.
Bitget Builder Benefits:
1. After confirming your cooperation with us, we will include your Twitter account in the Bitget Insights program, and you will receive up to a million exposures.
2. Bitget Builders Limited Edition NFTs will be given away to the first 500 influencers who have been cooperating with us.
3. During the campaign, the first 500 bloggers in collaboration earned a $20-$500 welcome bonus after newbie Bitget Builder publishing. Total prize: $5,000, distributed first-come, first-served.
4. Based on the channel promotion effect, the top 5 KOLs with the best promotion effect will be selected monthly, with each receiving a Switch OLED.
5. User referral rewards: Each eligible referral can receive a reward of $5 to $10.
6. Exclusive personal ID: You will get exclusive customized birthday gifts, targeted airdrops, offline high-value activities/brand annual activities VIP participation privileges.
7. Special personalized gifts: Get exclusive personalized Bitget Builder gifts, Messi-related merchandise, and holiday gifts.
8. Bitget trading commission: Get up to 50% affiliate referral commission.
9. Exclusive Bitget community incentives: Get up to $3000 in exclusive Bitget Builder community airdrops, platform announcements, and extra rewards.
10. 1-on-1 account manager service: offering prompt assistance and insights to you and your community whenever needed.
11. Popularity boost: Amplify exposure by promoting your channel and community on Bitget's official page.
12. Million Fans Program: Quarterly training sessions to accelerate the growth of your channel.
Contact Us For Cooperation:
Telegram: @rhbudi
Terms and Conditions:
1. This program is open to all regions.
2. We are looking for individuals. Institutions do not need to apply.
3. Applicants will be evaluated based on their performance in the crypto community provided by the applicant. If you meet our requirements, the Bitget team will contact you for further discussion.