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[Initial Listing] Bitget Will List TypeIt (TYPE) in the Innovation Zone

As the latest Launchpad session draws to a close, we are thrilled to announce that TypeIt (TYPE) will be listed in the Innovation Zone. During this exciting period we saw:

Total participants: 5,216

Total investment (BGB): 30,311,284.39

Thank you to all users for participating! Check out the listing details below:

Deposit time: 8th July, 12 PM (UTC)

Trading time: 5th July, 12 PM (UTC)

Withdrawal time: 6th July, 12 PM (UTC)

Spot Trading Link: TYPE/USDT

Spot Grid Trading Link: TYPE/USDT

Fee Schedule: TYPE

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TypeIt is the Web3 payment input method allowing users to earn income in their daily use and participate in the development trend of Web3. TypeIt provides keyboard skins as NFTs and offers rich scenarios such as Gamefi and Socialfi. In terms of privacy, TypeIt encrypts and saves all data locally, ensuring user privacy and security. As the center connecting the Web3 and Web2 worlds, TypeIt is not just an input method, but also a new way to participate in the digital economy.

Contract Address (BEP-20): 0xd9a44c40584288505931880c9915C6a5eB5f2fB1

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