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Bitget Crypto Loan launch announcement

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We are excited to launch the Crypto Loans feature on July 4, 2023 to further improve user experience.

>>> Apply for a Crypto Loan <<<

What is the Bitget Crypto Loans?

Crypto Loans allow users to stake one coin as collateral on the platform to borrow another coin of a corresponding value. The user is required to pay a specific interest rate on the loan. In this way, users can obtain more funds for a fixed period of time to increase fund liquidity and utilization without selling their assets.

Why choose Bitget Crypto Loans?

1. Flexible terms. Users can repay loans in advance.

2. Flexible use of the borrowed funds (trade on Bitget, or withdraw to other platforms).

3. Competitive interest rates.

How do I apply for a Crypto Loans from Bitget?

Go to the Bitget Crypto Loans page (currently only available on our website), select the coin to stake as collateral and the coin to borrow, and enter the borrowing amount. That's it!

Step-by-step guide: What Are Crypto Loans?

The following coins are available for the Crypto Loan feature as of the time of writing. More coins are coming soon!

Type Coin
To stake as collateral BTC, ETH, USDT
To borrow BTC, ETH, USDT

More information on Crypto Loan:

Bitget Crypto Loan Service Agreement


Cryptocurrencies are subject to high market risk and volatility despite high growth potential. Users should conduct their own research and invest at their own discretion. Bitget shall not be liable for any investment losses.