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Copy more: Futures versus Bot Copy Trading

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Bot Copy Trading helps users take advantage of market conditions with targeted bots. For new users who want to learn about different automated trading bots, Bot Copy Trading is your gateway to navigating the market and getting better returns.

Many users might ask, what are the differences between Bot Copy Trading and Futures Copy Trading, Bitget's first and flagship copy trading product? Let's dive into a comparison between these two powerful tools:

Futures Copy Trading (followers)
Bot Copy Trading
How to copy
Follow an elite futures trader for free, and copy all their futures orders across available trading pairs.
1. Subscribe to a strategist and choose to copy all their bots for 30 days.
2. Buy bots from strategists and deploy them on your own.
Profit sharing model: pay up to 10% of your profits to the elite futures trader.
Subscription model: a one-time payment for 30 days to copy all the strategist's bots — no profit sharing.
Payment details
Profit sharing between 4% -10%.
Subscriptions cost between 0-300 USDT for 30 days.
Additional services
Buy or sell bots.
Users can create and publish a bot for free, or sell it on the market for up to 30 USDT.
Can you copy orders automatically?
Investment restrictions
Check out the article on investment limits for Futures Copy Trading here .
As one of Bitget's core products, Bot Copy Trading is becoming extremely popular amongst both beginner and advanced traders. New users can get even higher returns, like their elite strategists. Subscribe to strategists today and never be afraid of the bear markets of tomorrow.