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1. Purchase bots:

Copy Bot > Make Payment > Verify Fund Code > Complete Purchase > Copy > View Bots > View Purchased Bots.

1.1 Head to Bot Copy Trading page, click Bots, then click Copy.

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Profit Trend: The profit trend of the bot. If the bot has been online for less than 72 hours, the hourly profit trend will be displayed. If the bot has been online for more than 72 hours, the daily profit trend will be displayed instead.

1.2 Use the Copy button, then confirm your purchase.

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1.3 Verify your fund code.

If you have not configured a fund code, you will be redirected to the security settings page.

You cannot purchase bots or subscribe to strategists within 24 hours after changing your fund code.

1.4 After the fund code is verified, you will be redirected to the bot details page and the bot parameters will be imported.

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You only need to fill in the required margin and use the Create an Order button to start copying.

If you copied a futures grid bot, your existing leverage and margin mode (isolated/cross) will be applied.

1.5 After the order is created, you can view it on the My Bots page.

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This page shows all your bots, including both Active Bots and Inactive Bots.

Bots are either copied, manually created, or purchased.

Copied bots automatically or manually copied from a subscribed strategist.

Manually created bots are created by the user or copied from their own previous bots.

Purchased bots were bought from other users.

1.6 View all bots you've bought in the Copied Bots tab.

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You will still be able to use a copied bot even after the strategist terminates it.

2. Subscribe to strategists:

View Strategist Profile > Subscribe and Pay > Verify Fund Code > Complete Subscription > Configure Auto-Copy > View Subscribed Strategists.

2.1 From the Bot Copy Trading page, users can subscribe to strategists through the Recommended or Strategists tab. Select a strategist and head to their profile page.

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Assets: Strategists can make their assets public or private. Spot and futures assets can be displayed at the same time.

Bot total profit: The profit the strategist has made with their bots.

Total subscriber profits: The profit that the strategist's subscribers have made through copying their bots.

2.2 Use Subscribe button to head to the payment page.

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The strategist's bot type and trading pairs are displayed on the right, while the subscription details are on the left.

2.3 Use the Pay button and verify your fund code.

2.4 After your fund code is verified, you will be notified of the successful subscription and guided to enable auto-copying.

2.5 Use the Auto Copy button to head to the auto-copy page.

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Enter the auto-copy investment amount and your risk control amount.

Risk control by strategist (optional):

You can configure the TP/SL amount. If you configure the TP amount to 100 USDT, when the total profit from copied bots reaches 100 USDT, the TP will be triggered to terminate all copied bots and disable auto-copy.

When you enable the auto-copy function again, you will be informed that the risk control has been triggered and the TP/SL amount should be updated.

2.6 View subscribed strategists

Head to the Subscribed Strategists tab on the My Bots page.

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The Subscribed Strategists tab displays all strategists you have subscribed to. Select a strategist to head to their profile page.

2.7 Subscription renewal

  • If auto-renew is enabled, then on the day the subscription expires, you will automatically resubscribe (and pay the subscription fee) at 6:00 PM (UTC+8) and receive a notification.
  • You can also manually renew the subscription on the expiration date.

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