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Bitget Launchpad-Bitcoin Improvement Proposals (BIP1) Sunshine Pool rewards auto redemption rules

The Bitget Launchpad-Bitcoin Improvement Proposals 1(BIP1) sale saw a total of 19,263 participants, with the total averaged BGB holding at 123,037,455; the number of people with an average BGB holding of at least 2000 is 3,060; the number of people with at least 1 ticket is 904; and the number of people with less than 1 ticket is 2,156, and these 2,156 people will share the Sunshine Pool. The Sunshine Pool totals 210,000 BIP1, so each user will get 97.4026 BIP1. The BIP1/BGB exchange rate is 1 BIP1 = 0.2118 BGB, meaning each user can swap their 97.4026 BIP1 with 20.6344 BGB.
Users in the Sunshine Pool are required to deposit a sufficient amount of BGB into their spot account in advance. The BGB will be automatically debited during the token swapping period on May 14, 6 PM – May 15, 2 PM (UTC+8).
Users in the BGB Holding Pool need to swap BGB and BIP1 tokens manually on the Launchpad page.
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