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Become a VIP by holding BGB!

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Global Bitgetters,

We're happy to announce the launch of our new VIP tiers! Now, you can enjoy VIP privileges by holding more than 100,000 BGB.

New VIP system! Exclusive 20% discount for BGB holders

Our current VIP requirements will remain the same, with newly added conditions for VIP tiers by holding BGB. You can enjoy VIP privileges if your meet one of the conditions below:

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Launch date: April 26 2023

Users who meet any of the above criteria are eligible to be promoted to VIP.

Benefits of holding BGB?

20% discount on spot trading fees;

Multiple campaigns designed exclusively for BGB holders;

Hassle-free purchases: Use reliable crypto holdings (stablecoins, BTC, ETH) to buy BGB anytime, anywhere.

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About Bitget VIP Services

Bitget provides a full range of exclusive privileges to VIP users, such as:

- Fund custody

- High-yield products

- Exclusive VIP funding rate

- Exclusive account manager

- Exclusive green channel to deposit and withdraw

- Festive rewards

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