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Celebrate the release of LSDETH as a trading margin and share 32 ETH in rewards

Celebrate the release of LSDETH as a trading margin and share 32 ETH in rewards image 0

Global Bitgetters,

Since the ETH2.0 Shanghai upgrade, traders have been staking ETH via ETH-staking service providers and getting different LSDETH tokens, such as stETH where 1 stETH equals 1 ETH.

Bitget is the world's first platform to support using stETH as a margin for trading Coin-M Futures (more LSDETH will be supported in the future), and has launched a campaign where traders share 32 stETH by depositing and using stETH as margin.

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Time: Apr 26, 6 PM (UTC+8) - May 3, 6 PM (UTC +8)

🔥 Activity 1: deposit stETH and share 8 stETH in rewards

Traders with a net deposit of 100 USDT worth of stETH can share up to 8 stETH in rewards.

🔥 Activity 2: use stETH to trade Coin-M futures and share 24 stETH in rewards

Traders who use stETH as margin and trade Coin-M Futures can share the 24 stETH rewards according to their trading volume (excluding trades not using stETH as margin). The maximum reward for each trader is 8 stETH.

Reward calculation:

stETH Reward = (trader's Coin-M Futures trading volume using stETH as margin/total Coin-M Futures trading volume) x 24 stETH

🔥 Activity 3: Join stETH Earn and get up to 20% flexible APY

Put your stETH into stETH Flexible Savings and get up to 20% APY in profit.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. All participants must click the Register now to join the event, otherwise they will not get a reward.

  2. Participants are required to complete KYC verification to participate in the event.

  3. Traders need to use stETH as margin to trade Coin-M Futures.

  4. Rewards are only given when the value is higher than 0.1 USDT.

  5. The rewards will be sent to the winner's spot account within ten working days.

  6. Rewards can't be shared with other types of events (sign up or initial deposits).

  7. VIP, API and market maker accounts are not eligible to join.

  8. Only the main account can participate in the event. All sub-accounts will be automatically disqualified and will not be able to get rewards.

  9. All participants must abide by Bitget's terms and conditions.

  10. If fraudulent behaviour is found or multiple accounts are used to get rewards, Bitget reserves the right to disqualify the trader or confiscate their rewards.

  11. Bitget reserves the right to modify the terms of this campaign or cancel this campaign at any time without prior notice.

  12. Bitget reserves the right to make the final decision on this campaign. If you have any questions, contact our customer service.

Learn more about using LSDs as Margin on Bitget Coin-Margined Futures


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