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Bitget AI Day With New Listings in Zone - Starring SingularityNET (AGIX), Image Generation AI (IMGNAI), Artificial Liquid Intelligence (ALI), Oraichain (ORAI), Future AI (AI)

Global Bitgetters,

Bitget presents a new zone for your crypto explorations - The AI Zone. Featuring 5 new artificial intelligence start-up projects: SingularityNET (AGIX), Image Generation AI (IMGNAI), Artificial Liquid Intelligence (ALI), Oraichain (ORAI), and Future AI (AI). We are thrilled to announce that Spot Grid trading will go live simultaneously for AGIX, IMGNAI, ALI, ORAI, and AI. Check out the details below:

Deposit Time: 7th Feb, 6 AM (UTC)

*AI (BEP-20) Deposit Withdrawal Time: TBA

Trading time: 7th Feb, 7 AM (UTC)

Withdrawal time: 8th Feb, 7 AM(UTC)


Spot Grid Trading Link:



SingularityNET (AGIX), is a blockchain-powered platform that allows anybody to easily "create, share, and monetize" AI services, thanks to its globally-accessible AI marketplace.

Contract Address (ERC-20): 0x5B7533812759B45C2B44C19e320ba2cD2681b542

Website | Twitter | Telegram

ImgnAI (IMGNAI), is a tokenized AI Project, featuring both free-to-access, and premium AI Generation services. ImgnAI's flagship product is Nai, an anime-based AI Image Generator - freely available on Telegram, and currently being used to generate over 20,000 user creations per day.

Contract Address (ERC-20): 0xA735A3AF76CC30791C61c10d585833829d36CBe0

Website | Twitter | Telegram

Artificial Liquid Intelligence (ALI), is building a decentralized protocol to create an Intelligent Metaverse inhabited by interactive and intelligent NFTs (iNFTs). As originators of the iNFT standard, Alethea AI is on the cutting edge of embedding AI animation, interaction, and generative AI capabilities into NFTs.

Contract Address (ERC-20): 0x6b0b3a982b4634ac68dd83a4dbf02311ce324181

Website | Twitter | Telegram

Oraichain (ORAI), is the world's first intelligent and secure solution for emerging Web3, scalable Dapps, and decentralized AI. Oraichain’s technology and strategy on adoption have the main themes as follows: AI Layer 1 with high interoperability, Scale-up with Layer 2 solution, Verifiable and Trustless AI execution, Decentralized Data and AI platform, and Standardized protocols for high applicability.

Contract Address (ERC-20): 0x4c11249814f11b9346808179cf06e71ac328c1b5

Website | Twitter | Telegram

Future AI (AI), is a fully decentralized, self-managed wallet protocol that grants our investors the ability to easily and securely interact with their tokens, all supported by superior risk analysis and smart contract management tools.

Contract Address (BEP-20): 0x0FF534801E98A4976246D1f418E441783fc9aa15

Website | Twitter | Telegram


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