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[Bitget VIP Special Gifts] Mystery Blind Box Winner List!


Dear Global Bitgetters,

Bitget VIP Special Gifts, Mystery Blind Box’’ has successfully concluded. Bitget has distributed rewards to all valid users who meet the requirements of the Activity rule in the three days since the winner list was posted. You could check your rewards in "Financial records" by then.

Winner List

UID Rewards Key Account Manager TG
824****950 1 BTC @bg_wacker
121****873 VIP 2 trial card @Wesbit
123****078 100 USDT *2
300 USDT Trading Bonus *3
164****873 VIP 2 trial card @im_your_zoe
186****406 500 BGB @bg_wacker
188****606 300 USDT Trading Bonus @im_your_zoe
218****966 100 USDT
500 BGB
237****923 100 USDT
300 USDT Trading Bonus *3
500 BGB
258****528 VIP 2 trial card
300 USDT Trading Bonus *3
500 BGB
262****037 500 BGB @im_your_zoe
264****705 500 BGB @im_your_zoe
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Please contact your Key Account Manager to redeem rewards as soon as possible, if you have any questions, please email

Thank you for your support and understanding!

Bitget VIP Club

November 1, 2022

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