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Layer-2 Blockchain Starknet's ‘Quantum Leap’ Upgrade Goes Live, for Speedier Transactions

The upgrade for Starknet, a layer-2 blockchain or "rollup" to the Ethereum blockchain, went live following a community vote that overwhelmingly agreed to deploy it to mainnet.

Coindesk·2023/07/12 18:58#Technology#starknet#Starkware

Ethereum’s Layer 2 Teams Want You to Clone Their Code

By making their code open source and easy to replicate, projects including Arbitrum, Optimism and zkSync are making it easier for copycat blockchains to steal away their users – in pursuit of broader ecosystems of related networks.

Ethereum Layer 2 Network zkSync Era's Locked Value Surpasses $500M

The total value locked has increased by 12% in one week, according to data source L2Beat.

Coindesk·2023/06/19 15:54#Markets#Ethereum#Zksync era