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Yesterday, 8 ETFs Added 5,781 BTC Worth Nearly $300 Million

According to data from Lookonchain, on February 23rd, 8 ETFs added a total of 5,781 BTC, worth approximately $294.3 million. Among them, Fidelity added 3,061 BTC ($155.8 million). Additionally, Grayscale reduced its holdings by 3,929 BTC ($200 million).

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Whale Address Accumulates 10,779 ETH and Holds Major Position in LINK

According to PANews, on-chain analyst @ai_9684xtpa has reported that a whale address, known for making a profit of $4.9 million from trading LINK in December 2023, has accumulated 10,779 ETH in the past three days. The total value of the accumulated ETH is $31.77 million, with an average transfer-in price of $2,947.

Currently, the major holdings of this address consist of ETH and LINK. The address holds 10,875 ETH, valued at $31.81 million, and 417,000 LINK with a cost of $10.91, resulting in a floating profit of $2.94 million.

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mart Money Address Accumulates Over 10,000 ETH in Three Days

According to BlockBeats, a Smart Money address that profited $4.9 million from trading LINK in December 2023 has accumulated 10,779 ETH, worth approximately $31.77 million, in the past three days.

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UNI Token Price Surpasses $10 With 24-Hour Increase of 38.48%

According to PANews, the price of UNI tokens has broken through the $10 mark, currently trading at $10.234, with a 24-hour increase of 38.48%.

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Ethereum Developers Agree to Begin Electra Upgrade Work

According to PANews, Ethereum developers have agreed to begin work on the Electra upgrade during the 128th Ethereum Core Developer Consensus (ACDC) conference call, summarized by Galaxy Research Vice President Christine Kim. Currently, the three Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIPs) agreed upon for inclusion in the upgrade are EIP 6110, providing validator deposits on-chain; EIP 7002, enabling the execution layer to trigger exits; and EIP 7549, moving committee indices outside of attestations. Additionally, developers will work on the proof of concept and inclusion list for EIP 7547 in the coming weeks. If the code changes for EIP 7547 are found to be easy to implement and test, developers agree to add it to Electra as the fourth EIP without delaying the implementation of the other three EIPs.

Developers also reiterated their intention to make Electra a "small fork," meaning the upgrade can be activated on the Ethereum mainnet before the end of the year. The meeting also discussed preparations for the Dencun upgrade, with all Ethereum clients except the Lodestar (CL) client releasing the final versions of their software for the Dencun upgrade. The Ethereum Foundation (EF) DevOps team is testing the upgrade on the last dedicated testnet using these final client versions and Lodestar's denun-ready candidate version. EF DevOps engineer Parithosh Jayanthi reported that the final mainnet shadow fork for Dencun, a testnet reflecting Ethereum mainnet activity, went live on Thursday, February 22. So far, Jayanthi said the client versions appear stable, with no issues to report on the network. The DevOps team will conduct further testing on the shadow fork in the coming days. If no major issues are found with the upgrade or client versions, EF will publish an official blog post announcing the mainnet date for the Dencun upgrade on Monday or Tuesday (February 26 or 27). Developers have agreed to set the mainnet activation date for Dencun on March 13, 2024. The Flashbots team also plans to share a new version of their MEV-boost software, a validator software for running on Ethereum to obtain MEV, which will be ready by early next week.

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Tether Treasury Mints 1 Billion Authorized but Unissued USDT on Tron

According to blockchain data tracking service Whale Alert, Tether Treasury has minted 1 billion USDT on the Tron blockchain. Tether CEO Paolo Ardoino stated that this addition of 1 billion USDT is a replenishment of inventory on the Tron network and is authorized but not yet issued for trading. This means that the amount will be used for future issuance requests and as inventory for chain exchanges.

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995 BTC Transferred from Antpool to CEX, Approximately $50.61 Million

On February 24th, according to Whale Alert monitoring, at 22:42 Beijing time, 995 BTC (approximately $50.61 million) was transferred from Antpool to CEX.

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Deep Tide TechFlow: Grayscale Suggests Ethereum May Take Center Stage, Dencun Upgrade and SEC Decision Approaching

According to Deep Tide TechFlow, while the focus is currently on Bitcoin, Ethereum may take center stage as the deadline for the SEC's decision on Ethereum spot ETFs approaches in May 2024.

The Ethereum "Dencun" upgrade is scheduled for March 13, 2024, and is expected to position Ethereum as a competitive force in the encrypted smart contract platform space, rivaling faster chains like Solana.

Grayscale Research believes that Ethereum's momentum is driven by upcoming developments such as the Dencun upgrade, net deflationary supply, network revenue generation, the SEC's decision on Ethereum spot ETFs, and the increasing use cases for renting out Ethereum network security features.

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Uniswap Protocol Fee Revenue Approaches $46 Million Since February

According to data from cryptofee, on February 22nd, Uniswap protocol fee revenue reached $2.14 million, with a 7-day average revenue of $2.05 million. As of today, the Uniswap protocol fee revenue has approached $46 million since the beginning of February. In January 2024, Uniswap's protocol fee revenue reached $58 million. Previously, the Uniswap Foundation proposed a new proposal to distribute protocol fees to holders who have staked UNI tokens. As a result of this news, the price of UNI surged from $7 to $12 in a short period, representing a growth of over 60%.

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Avalanche Mainnet Resumes Block Production

According to the blockchain explorer Snowtrace, the Avalanche Mainnet, specifically the Avalanche C-Chain, has resumed block production just a minute ago.

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