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Protocol Village: Binance Labs Invests in Delphinus, a Bet on Zero-Knowledge WebAssembly

The latest in blockchain tech upgrades and announcements.

Coindesk·2023/08/28 14:51#Technology#The Protocol#Blockchain

Shopify Customers Can Now Pay In USDC Via Solana Pay

The payment protocol, built on the Solana blockchain, has been integrated into Shopify.

Coindesk·2023/08/23 20:43#Technology#Solana#Payments Network

The Protocol: Coinbase Blockchain's Viral Use Case Puts Focus on Optimism's Tech

The week in blockchain tech: Crypto-fueled social marketplace goes viral on Coinbase's new Base blockchain, Shiba Inu community's "Shibarium" network aims for fresh start, and Ethereum experts handicap the competition between leading technologies for layer-2 networks.

Coindesk·2023/08/23 19:53#Technology#The Protocol#Ethereum

Coinbase’s Chosen Blockchain Brand Sees Zero Threat from Zero Knowledge

Many Ethereum aficionados have predicted that the most promising layer-2 blockchains would be built not using the OP Stack’s “optimistic rollup” technology – favored by the U.S. crypto exchange Coinbase – but with a different setup known as “ZK rollups,” reliant on "zero-knowledge" cryptography.

Coindesk·2023/08/23 16:09#Technology#Optimism#rollup

Curve Crisis Shows Pitfalls of Decentralized Risk Management

Top DeFi lenders allowed a crypto CEO to take a risky bet, raising key questions about how they manage risk.

Coindesk·2023/08/23 14:51#Technology#Analysis#Aave

Blockchain Security Firm Quantstamp Hopes to Battle Flash Loan Attacks With New Service

The service has been released in collaboration with researchers from the University of Toronto.

Coindesk·2023/08/23 13:00#Technology#DeFi#Hacks

Starkware to Open-Source ‘Magic Wand’ of Its Zero-Knowledge Cryptography Next Week

The team behind the layer 2 Starknet blockchain said that they will also hold a code review on Aug. 31 at a conference in San Francisco.

Coindesk·2023/08/22 14:37#Technology#Starkware#starknet

7 real-world IoT applications and examples

Discover seven real-world IoT applications transforming industries with innovative examples and their impact on efficiency and convenience.

Cointelegraph·2023/07/26 14:07#Technology#Technology#Tech

Existential threat? Why some banks are anxious about CBDCs

The prospect of a retail CBDC has some major banks anxious over their revenue streams.

Cointelegraph·2023/07/26 14:01#Technology#Cryptocurrencies#Banking

South Korea strengthens crypto regulation with LEI adoption and crime unit

The decision was driven by the country's concern over illicit activities in the crypto market and the desire to safeguard investors.

Cointelegraph·2023/07/26 13:54#Technology#Blockchain#Cryptocurrencies