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Invite2Get Season 12: Daily Cash Rewards, Earn $400 Right Now!

Invite2Get Season 12: Daily Cash Rewards, Earn $400 Right Now!
The 12th round of Invite2Get coincides with the Double 11 (Singles' Day) celebration, making it more exciting than ever! You not only can claim basic invitaion rewards but also earn up to a 1000% multiplier on your rewards. Remember, the more friends you invite, the bigger your reward could be, with individual prizes going as high as $400 – and there's no cap on what you can earn! Don't miss this incredible opportunity. Dive into the 12th invitation event now and start maximizing your rewards during one of the biggest shopping festivals of the year!

Event Period

November 9th, 17:00 - November 19th, 17:00 (UTC+8)

How to Participate

Invited users need to install the Bitget Wallet app, use your invitation code, hold and trade any token more than $10 on the wallet creation day to be deemed a successful invite. The referrals will also benefit from a 7-day gas fee subsidy.

Event Rewards

This event includes Basic Rewards, Multiplier Rewards, and Trading Competition Rewards.
1. Basic Rewards: Inviters will be eligible for specific airdrop rewards based on the number of successful invites
The reward tier is as follows:
Number of Successful Invitations
1 - 5 New Valid Users
Rewards of $1 per valid referral
6 - 10 New Valid Users
Rewards of $2 per valid referral
>10 New Valid Users
Rewards of $3 per valid referral
2. Multiplier Rewards: Amplify your total referral rewards by a large percentage for successfully inviting many friends, with a boost of 10%-1000%
Number of Friends Invited
Guarantee Reward Increase
Maximum Reward Increase
3 or more
15 or more
50 or more
3. Trading Competition Rewards: After your friend binds the invitation code, navigate to the event page on your Bitget Wallet App and enter the squad code accordingly to start earning rewards from the trading competition.
Invite2Get Season 12: Daily Cash Rewards, Earn $400 Right Now! image 0
These three rewards can be obtained together. Start inviting now and earn daily cash rewards with no limit.


Step 1: Inviting Friend
Launch Bitget Wallet and select “Profile”, and then “Invite2Get”. Use “Invite Now” or the share icon from the invitation page to distribute the download link and invitation code to your friends. Alternatively, scroll down to manually copy the invitation code and link, or tap “Share the invitation poster” to extend your invitations on social media.
Once your friends have installed Bitget Wallet via your invitation link and set up their wallet, they must visit the “Invite2Get” page and enter your unique invitation code.
Invite2Get Season 12: Daily Cash Rewards, Earn $400 Right Now! image 1
Step 2: Holding and Swapping Any Crypto Asset
Invited users must complete a transaction on any mainnet and token in Bitget Swap, hold and trade for more than $10.
To do so, navigate to Bitget Swap by selecting “Swap” on the banner below. Tap “Swap” on top and choose the preferred token pair to swap. Input the amount, hit “Confirm”, review the details, and confirm again to complete the transaction.
Invite2Get Season 12: Daily Cash Rewards, Earn $400 Right Now! image 2

Terms and Conditions

  1. All users can check the count of their successful invites through this friend invitation list (updated every 24 hours). Alternatively, follow these steps: Visit the event page -> View event rules -> Open the invitation leaderboard. Note that the document is hosted on Google; use a VPN for access if necessary.
  2. All event rewards will be distributed to eligible users within 7 working days after the event’s conclusion. To ensure timely reward distribution, ensure the inviter has added the BNB Chain mainnet to their Bitget Wallet before the event concludes. Additionally, the invited users must meet the specified criteria for the inviter to receive their rewards. Failure to meet these conditions might affect the distribution of rewards.
  3. 7-Day Gas Fee Benefit: New users holding and trading more than $10 in any token on the wallet creation day can earn a 7-day trading transaction fee subsidy. Supported mainnets including BNB, MATIC, ETH, TRX, KCS, and HT with the maximum benefits of $5 worth in GASU. New invited users who fulfill the event criteria will be airdropped 5 GASU tokens directly to their Bitget Cloud Wallet. GASU can be used to offset gas fees over 7 days. Please note that GASU will expire in 7 days, and all unused GASU will be reclaimed after this period.
  4. The rewards for inviters identified as Bitget Wallet's KOL/KOC will be calculated based on the highest possible reward value.
Bitget Wallet holds the right to the final interpretation of this event. Any participant found using improper methods or cheating may have their event rewards and redemption qualifications revoked upon verification.
Thank you for your ongoing support and trust in Bitget Wallet. We are excited to bring you even more rewarding campaigns in the future and appreciate your continued participation.