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Bitget Monthly Report (Mar 2023): $30M Investment in BitKeep and Partnered with Juventus Women

Bitget Monthly Report (Mar 2023): $30M Investment in BitKeep and Partnered with Juventus Women


As the bitter winds of March swept through the macroeconomic market, bringing with it the news of SVB's bankruptcy and a slew of lawsuits from US officials, many companies were left feeling disheartened and unsure about their future. But amidst this turmoil, Bitget stood strong and resolute. We doubled down on our commitment to excellence and delivered a series of important initiatives that sent shockwaves through the industry.

Firstly, Bitget revealed a whopping $30 million investment in BitKeep during Paris Blockchain Week, a clear indication of our unwavering belief in the potential of the blockchain industry. But that was just the beginning. Bitget also brought on a partnership with Juventus Women, demonstrating their commitment to making a difference in the world beyond just financial gains.

All of these initiatives spoke volumes about Bitget's unyielding determination and our refusal to be cowed by the challenges of the market.

Monthly Highlights

Bitget announced its support for Juventus Women's Team

Bitget announced on International Women's Day that it has become an official sponsor of the Juventus Women's Team. Juventus Women, as they are better known, are one of Italy's most successful football teams, having won five league titles, two Coppa Italia titles, and three Supercoppa Italiana titles.

The sponsorship reflects our ongoing efforts and plans for women-related CSR initiatives. Please stay tuned to our social media for the latest updates on further information.

Bitget invests 30M in Bitkeep, which it to be rebranded as Bitget Wallet

We have also announced a $30 million investment in the decentralized BitKeep multi-chain wallet, becoming its controlling stakeholder. The deal will allow the exchange to extend its range of services while also supporting BitKeep in enhancing the stability and security of its offerings. It’s also aimed at helping both companies to leverage their strengths and collaborate on linking DeFi and CeFi.

Business Growth

Bitget is actively expanding the variety of digital assets in its spot market

Bitget is making a push in spot trading service with a series of new listings. In March, 34 new coins were listed on Bitget, while 11 of them were on Launch Pool and Launchpad listings. On average, the highest gains among them after listing were 1700%. Rewards of over US$80 million have been shared by our users in 36 related campaigns.

Bitget Copy Trading continues to gain popularity

Bitget Copy Trading has seen significant growth due to its unique features and user-friendly interface. Our platform allows users to copy trades of elite traders, helping new traders learn the ropes and make profits from their investments. This March, we have attracted over 9,000 new elite traders, which is almost triple the number we had in January this year.

Bitget Offers Index Futures with Aggregated Market Indicators

Bitget has launched Index Futures, a native futures contracts trading service. The new product is designed to attract investors seeking relatively low-risk yield-earning instruments based on aggregated market indicators.

We keep optimizing different features on our platform, such as Copy trading API, Insight sharing feature, and more features are now available.

Bitget Becomes the First Centralized Exchange to Offer Financial Transparency Through Space and Time

Bitget formed a strategic partnership with Space and Time (SxT), a leader in decentralized data warehousing backed by Microsoft. The partnership will enable Bitget to offer users unparalleled transparency of exchange operations with a verifiably tamperproof audit trail of data and computation.

Driving Crypto Adoption

To make more people understand crypto and enjoy benefits along with the development of the industry, Bitget actively participates in various events and shares insight with audiences beyond the crypto world. Look at these special events with Bitget this March.

Bitget joined Paris Blockchain Week 2023 in March

Bitget attended the Paris Blockchain Week as one of the key sponsors. Gracy Chen, our Managing Director, announced the BitKeep $30M investment during Bitget’s keynote speech session about social trading. We also hosted an afterparty with over 300 prestigious guests and received an overwhelming response.

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