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Earn More With Your ARB On Bitget Launchpool

Earn More With Your ARB On Bitget Launchpool

The world of cryptocurrency and blockchain">blockchain technology is constantly evolving, and with new tokens emerging at a rapid pace. One of the most exciting and promising new tokens is ARB, the native token of the Arbitrum network. To gain a better understanding of the rewards available in the ARB token distribution, and how you can participate in the upcoming events, this article is what you need to read.

Arbitrum Week on Bitget Launchpool

What’s Bitget Launchpool?

Bitget Launchpool is your go-to platform for staking tokens and thereby safely growing your assets. Some pools even offer exceptionally high APR, and some come with exclusive airdrop opportunities.

Arbitrum Week

ARB holders and traders are entitled to exclusive benefits on Bitget. These rewards could include everything from discounted trading fees to access to exclusive events and promotions, and it represents a unique opportunity for savvy investors and traders to boost their returns and gain a competitive edge in the fast-paced world of cryptocurrency trading. That way we can help generate even more new users for the Arbitrum ecosystem.

The Arbitrum Week ended in 5 days with a big exciting ARB token reward! Bitget distributed 15,000 ARB to any users that stake BGB, GRAIL, ARBINU, GNS, VELA, MAGIC, and GMX on Bitget Launchpool.

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It's not only the ARB staking, but our Launchpool is also available for many new tokens, and DEGEN pool is now open with a maximum APR of 73% and the new option to stake ETH to earn DEGEN! Sign up to receive the $5005 welcome bonus and Stake Now with BGB, BTC, and ETH.

Frequently asked question: Who is eligible to participate in Launchpool?

Only Bitget users who have completed the individual KYC requirements are eligible to participate in Launchpool. Users in Singapore and the USA are currently unable to participate due to regulatory restrictions.

Earn Exclusive Rewards by Depositing ARB Tokens Today

Bitget doesn't hesitate to give its users exciting rewards. Let's see what happened during ARB Week and how Bitget shows our users our appreciation.

Deposit Trade ARB, Share 250,000 ARB

Thís is an opportunity for ARB users to claim exciting prizes by depositing ARB.

Cashback rewards for early ARB depositors: Our first 1,000 Bitgetters could get a 5% cashback on their ARB net deposit, and the first 3,000 users would get a 10% cashback on their ARB trading fee amount in BGB by trading ARB.

ARB and a Prize Pool of BGB: 10 users with the most ARB net deposits would be rewarded 1,000 ARB each. That's not all. When our users started trading ARB/USDT on the platform, they would have a chance to share a prize pool of 100,000 BGB if the net buy amount was greater than 500 USDT.

Check out for Top 10 Bitgetters that received a 1,000 ARB Reward here, and find the distributed reward on the Asset Page.

Bitget Latest Events

On-going competitions and events are informed on this page, our users can update the newest campaigns and airdrop distribution. Don’t miss our on-going events:

Bitget to list DegenReborn (DEGEN) — grab a share of 125 billion DEGEN and 8,000 USDT!

Get DEGEN for Bitget x DegenReborn, $1,000 in DEGEN to Win!

Closing Words:

We want to thank our users for being a part of the platform, and there will be more events with lots of rewards awaiting. Bitget is the most powerful, secure platform with a global presence, and that's why we also want to bring the best trading experience, a friendly atmosphere, and 24/7 support services to our users. We're here for our customers!

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