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Crypto Investments Made Easy: Bitget’s AI Trading Bot

Crypto Investments Made Easy: Bitget’s AI Trading Bot
  • Bitget’s AI trading bots have made advanced trading strategies accessible to all traders.
  • Generated based on terabytes of crypto market data, these bots offer you robust trading strategies to maximize profits.
  • You can even fine-tune these bots to execute any strategy you have in mind.
As the crypto market continues to expand and grow, knowledge and strategies from the traditional financial sector are progressively seeping through. But these strategies can often look intimidating and require a multitude of carefully-aligned parameters to be operational and profitable. One miscalculation and your assets may just go up in smoke.
With the rise of ChatGPT and other AI products marks a global move into the AI age. The financial sector has never been a stranger to AI and the popularity of AI products will surely translate into more accessible complex strategies. As a leading crypto trading platform, Bitget introduces AI bots to help our traders generate more reliable strategies and maximize their returns. For a deep dive into AI, refer to our introduction to artificial intelligence.
Bitget has launched AI bots for Spot Martingale, Futures Martingale, Spot grid, and Futures grid, and more are on the way, so stay tuned.

Intelligent trading 101

One click is all it takes
Our AI trading bots are made for one purpose: making sophisticated trading strategies available to all traders through the power of artificial intelligence. We prepared several presets for traders with different risk appetites so you don’t need to crunch dozens of parameters yourself. Simply select your preferred AI bots, then select Create Order to proceed.
Learn from the history
Trained with all historical market data available using our carefully tuned algorithm, our AI has absorbed all there is to learn from the history of crypto and is able to present strategies with unmatched confidence and accuracy.
For all levels appetites
Bitget offers three different types of AI bots for different investor portfolios and risk appetites: Conservative, Balanced, and Aggressive. The recommended parameters aim to match the user's risk appetite.
Our conservative AI bots place fewer buy orders with a wider spread between the orders. It takes a more cautious approach and is suitable for hedging against extreme market conditions.
Our aggressive AI bots place more buy orders with a smaller spread between the buy orders, aiming to trade frequently to pocket more profits from more transactions. The profit from one transaction may look small, but will gradually pile up in the long run.
Our balanced AI bots fall between conservative and aggressive bots regarding risk appetite, aggressiveness, and performance.

Choosing your AI

Take the Martingale bot as an example, a user will set the number of safety orders, multiples, take-profit targets, and other parameters of a Martingale bot based on their asset portfolio and risk appetite.
Our conservative AI bot is suitable for beginners who tend to averse risks.
Our aggressive AI bot is suitable for risk-taking, adventurous users with rich experience and a high trading frequency.
Our balanced AI bot is suitable for risk-neutral, balance-seeking investors.
In addition to the risk appetite, the user can look at the AI bots' 30-day backtested APY and number of users of the bot to make more informed decisions.

Deploying your AI

Log in to your Bitget account (or quickly create a new one if you are not a Bitget user yet), and go to Home > Bots > Spot grid/Futures grid.
Select your preferred trading pair, such as BTCUSDT">BTC/USDT. You can also switch to Spot/Futures Martingale if you wish.
Select the AI bot you prefer by clicking on 'Use', fill in your investment amount, and click Create to start running the bot.
Bitget now has AI bots available for Spot Martingale, Futures Martingale, Spot grid, Futures grid, and Spot auto-invest. Stay tuned for more intelligent, profitable AI bots!
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