Bitget Super Airdrop

Hold BGB to get new token airdrops.

How to participate

  • step1

    Buy and hold BGB

    Buying and holding 4,000 BGB for 15 consecutive days will qualify you for airdrops.

  • step2

    Ticket allocation

    Tickets are allocated to users based on the average BGB holdings in their spot accounts. Winning tickets are drawn at random.

  • step3

    Token airdrops

    Airdrops are distributed to users in accordance with their winning tickets during the token airdrop period.

  • step4

    Result display

    Details can be found in your Airdrop History.

Airdrop history


1. To be eligible for the rewards, participants must meet the Minimum BGB daily holdings of 4000 BGB for 15 consecutive days at 23:59:59 (UTC+8) the day before the new coin is listed. If the user's BGB holdings fall below 4000 BGB at any time within the 15 days, they will no longer be eligible for the Super Airdrop.

2. Bitget will calculate the user's daily average BGB holdings during the 15-day snapshot period (total amount of BGB during the 15 days ÷ 15 days).

3. A user's rewards = number of their winning tickets ÷ total number of winning tickets × the prize pool. The airdrop rewards for a single user cannot exceed the announced limit.

4. Projects in Launchpad, Launchpool, CandyBomb, and Deposit to List are not included in the Super Airdrop promotion.

5. Only BGB holdings in spot accounts are calculated.

6. Market makers, broker accounts, and sub-accounts are not eligible for the Super Airdrop promotion.


1. Daily BGB holding volume = sum of hourly snapshots taken ÷ 24.

2. For more details, refer to How does Bitget calculate your average BGB holding?

3. Bitget will make a new announcement if the promotion is adjusted. Refer to the latest announcement for the newest information.

4. The rules section is an overview of the main rules of the Super Airdrop promotion. For details, refer to Bitget Super Airdrop: hold BGB to get airdrop tickets.