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BLUR: How Bitget Says Happy Valentine

BLUR: How Bitget Says Happy Valentine


Valentine's season is already here. We at Bitget have been seeing there is love in the air and wondered: what is the best way to celebrate the day with our beloved Bitgetters?


To be honest, there are so many options that we almost got lost. New special perps, special delivery contracts, special Launchpools, special listings, etc. - it’s actually really hard to pick just one from the prosperous Bitget ecosystem. After putting in a lot of thoughts, we decided to deliver the one thingy that can meet the following criteria:

• Exclusivity (yes, you should get used to being extra privileged)

• Hype (for the sake of profitability)
• Real demand (for diamond hands)

• Reliability (we are here to minimise the risks for you, remember?)


And that is BLUR listing in Bitget Innovation Zone - 100% EXCLUSIVE on February 14, 2023!


What Is Blur?

Blur is the new generation NFT marketplace on Ethereum that is set to surpass Genie, Gem and even OpenSea. Check out this chart by @hildobby on Dune Analytics:

BLUR: How Bitget Says Happy Valentine

Source: Hildobby’s NFT dashboard on Dune Analytics


24-hour volume on Blur has indeed been topping that of OpenSea for every single day since the start of February, achieving nearly US$15 million on average. On a longer time frame, the rise of Blur looks even more impressive:


BLUR: How Bitget Says Happy Valentine

Source: Hildobby’s NFT dashboard on Dune Analytics


Since October 2022, Blur’s orange colour has been invading the NFT sector and eating away OpenSea’s market share.


Blur is both an OG NFT marketplace for Ethereum-based investors, but also serves the function of a lightning-fast NFT marketplace aggregation platform. With more use cases of NFTs being explored, marketplaces ensure a fair, no-hassle market for trading these unique tokens.


Blur is also in a constant state of improving. After the web app launch last year, the team has released the mobile version in January and continued to refine the design upon users’ feedback:


BLUR: How Bitget Says Happy Valentine

Source: MoonCat2878 on Twitter



Source: Bagman on Twitter


User satisfaction plays an important role in the long-term adoption and success of the project, and the Blur team is very active on social media channels, taking requests and suggestions from users’ tweets and discord chats. 


Another move that inspires many investors is Blur’s airdrop, whose third round will take place soon. Each airdrop round targets different groups of users, for example Airdrop 1 was for early adopters, Airdrop 2 for traders with active listings and Airdrop 3 for traders placing bids on Blur. So any supporter of the project will get the rewards for their loyalty; we see this as a nice customer retention strategy.


So overall, the backed-by-Paradigm Blur is living up to market expectations. Wanna learn more about Blur’s vision for the NFT sector and their next steps? Listen to this exclusive Twitter Space: Blur x Bitget


Blur For Bitget Innovation Zone

Bitget Innovation Zone offers a novel platform for connecting startups and investors. Via Bitget’s user base of 8 million Bitgetters as well as our network of over 100,000 influencers, founders can achieve extraordinary media exposure that is indispensable for the project’s development. Meanwhile, investors get access to trendy but vetted assets with ease. Of course, being in Bitget Innovation Zone means that the token price may fluctuate more wildly - even to crypto’s standard - and investors must monitor market movements carefully.


As Blur decides to launch their native token (BLUR) on Saint Valentine’s day, Bitget is proud to announce the BLUR listing event on Tuesday, February 14 in our Innovation Zone! Be one of the first to receive:
• $180,000+ in BLUR and BGB token airdrops

• 5 BTC plus a Messi-signed jersey in trading rewards

• $20,000 in Futures bonus for new users


Being the leading supporter of Blur as we are, Bitget Innovation Zone is the first exchange to list BLUR! That gives our dear traders and investors a lucrative competitive advantage. You definitely don’t want to miss this wonderful opportunity!


First thing first, read our tutorial for the deposit campaigns here: Bitget x BLUR: Exclusive Deposit Campaigns Tutorial. BLUR deposit opens at 9:00 AM UTC on Friday, February 10 and users can begin to deposit BLUR after 15 minutes.


Not yet a Bitgetter? Register with us immediately here: Join Bitget To Unlock 5,005 USDT In Welcome Bonus


What else? Head to Bitget Innovation Zone and browse our category of upstart projects, from AI to Arbitrum builders, option trading platforms and blue-themed Shiba Inu memecoin for Arbitrum!


We wish you a prosperous Valentine’s day with Bitget x BLUR!


Simply create an account, and start browsing through the meticulous projects in Bitget Innovation Zone today!